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Three ways in which TraceParts helps manufacturers generate high-quality leads

03-07-2018 Priscillia Granval

TraceParts offers its customers- component manufacturers, 3D printing manufacturers, software publishers and hardware suppliers- digital marketing services to help them promote their products and services in order to generate high-quality leads. To help our customers generate high-quality leads, we provide three types of services. The following are three ways in which TraceParts can help its […]

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4 factors to be taken into account to generate leads when you are a component manufacturer or distributor

21-06-2018 Priscillia Granval

Generating leads is a major challenge for most companies today. you need to know the ins and outs of how to generate leads so as not to waste time and energy carrying out actions which will have no impact. It is important not to rush things and to take into account how your customers behave […]

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4 steps to getting customers through email campaigns when you are a component manufacturer

07-06-2018 Priscillia Granval

Despite its critics, emailing remains the most effective marketing tool for gaining new customers. In terms of ROI, engagement, and turnover generated, email campaigns are at the top of the rankings. However, you need to exploit them correctly.   1. Adapt your message to your email-contact database To carry out a good email campaign and […]

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Component manufacturers: How can you generate more qualified leads?

18-05-2018 Priscillia Granval

As a component manufacturer, your goal is to raise the visibility of your products and increase sales by generating qualified leads. Did you know that buyer behavior in the industrial sector has changed? Buyers are now more connected and autonomous. Today, when looking at purchasing a component, they prefer to find information themselves on the […]

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As a component manufacturer, how can you create an effective Landing Page?

18-05-2018 Priscillia Granval

As a component manufacturer, having lots of visits to your website is a good start, but it is not enough to generate revenues if your visitors just remain “visitors”. To transform your visitors into leads, you need to guide them to a landing page. The landing page is not just any page on your website. […]

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