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The real contact point between those who are looking for and those who are selling components

11-01-2021 Gian Paolo Lodi

Matching up supply with demand is the key differentiator in business. The same is true also when we talk about mechatronics and high-precision components. On the one hand, we have firms producing components in every corner of the globe and, on the other, designers and engineers looking for the right component for their project. In […]

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TraceParts gives you two hours a day [if you need them]

16-12-2020 Gian Paolo Lodi

I’m sure that it has also occasionally crossed your mind: “Oh, if only I had a couple of hours extra in the day to finish what I’m doing properly…” Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, vendor or marketer, I’m sure that this thought has almost certainly entered your head every now and then. Time is […]

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Mechatronics: 4 questions to discover who you are + 2 bonus to nurture customers

09-12-2020 Gian Paolo Lodi

If you’re an entrepreneur or marketing manager, here are four questions for you out of the blue: To what extent are you involved in your company’s positioning operations? Do you have an annual budget? How much time do you spend on planning your company’s marketing strategies? How do you measure the results of the work […]

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Email Marketing Benchmarks in industry

22-06-2020 Audrey Varin

Have you ever wondered how the open and click rates of your email campaigns compare to those of your competitors? Do your campaigns generate enough leads? And what is the quality/price ratio of your campaigns? In short, where do you stand relative to the sector average? All these questions are perfectly legitimate. But as with […]

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How a Website Redesign fit into your Digital Marketing Strategy?

28-04-2020 Krunoslav Rašić

A website redesign is an exciting project that can affect your sales and marketing in many profitable ways. You can invest hours in choosing the right text, design, pictures and make your website a well-oiled money machine. But, if not done the right way, you might be missing out on a chance to increase your […]

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