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Effective Email Marketing for Engineers and Design Professionals

26-11-2018 Audrey Varin

You may think email marketing for engineers and design professionals is old fashioned or dead if you believe all the buzz about social media. That is simply not true if you are a manufacturer or a distributor of parts and plan to use email marketing to engage with industrial professionals. As Mark Twain was famously quoted, […]

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8 tools for creating an HTML template for email campaigns

20-11-2018 Priscillia Granval

Email campaigns are one of the essential tools for generating leads and one of the most powerful in terms of ROI. This tool helps you to achieve your objectives in terms of promoting your products and services and finding new prospects. Creating an HTML template involves several best practices. To help you, there are many […]

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Five tools to leverage lead generation in industry

06-11-2018 Priscillia Granval

Finding qualified leads for your sales teams is one of your main objectives, which can prove to be a real challenge. To choose the right tools to use, it is important to first understand the purchasing process that your prospects go through in order to appreciate their needs and expectations. In fact, today, buyers’ expectations […]

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How TraceParts helped Item generate more leads

30-10-2018 Priscillia Granval

When looking to generate qualified leads for the sales force, it is important to build a sound strategy and leverage a number of drivers to achieve that objective.. This strategy must be focused on the long term, and it may be wise to enlist the services of a digital marketing professional to assist with what […]

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Six best practices when creating an email marketing campaign in the industrial sector

23-10-2018 Priscillia Granval

Email campaigns are a key component of your strategy for generating sales leads. However, creating an effective email campaign requires careful planning, especially when you consider that a professional in the B2B sector receives an average of 40 emails per day, including 10 advertising emails! If you want to make sure your emails are read, […]

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