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Marketing automation for helping parts suppliers improve their productivity

16-03-2020 Audrey Varin

More and more people are talking about marketing automation, and you are probably wondering what they mean. Above all, it may be the solution to solving your marketing problems. Marketing automation was designed to allow marketing departments to automate repetitive tasks, so that they can spend more time on subjects of greater strategic value. This […]

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[INTERVIEW] MAV S.p.A. chooses TraceParts with a new level of global service in its sights

13-03-2020 Ivana Majić

How do you raise the bar when you’re already providing outstanding technical support?  MAV S.p.A, a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing units for connecting shafts and hubs, has opted for TraceParts to help it make the 3D designs of its locking devices available worldwide, 24/7 and in every available CAD format.  There was a presentation […]

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Thomas & TraceParts Kick Off 2020 in New York City

11-03-2020 Ivana Majić

The TraceParts and Thomas Industrial teams met in New York City in January 2020 to plan 2020 and beyond.  As a reminder, Thomas and TraceParts have announced a new 3D CAD technology and distribution partnership in November 2019. The Thomas TraceParts Network, designed to help North American industrial businesses generate engaged sales leads, harnesses the […]

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If you work in marketing, the buck stops with you

06-03-2020 Ivana Majić

When you’ve been working closely for 14 years with those who produce and purchase components used to implement projects, you learn something every day. For example, you learn that accuracy, attention to technological innovation, and an obsessively meticulous approach to the production processes are not an option. If you want to be involved in the […]

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[Interview] Marzorati chooses TraceParts 3D cataloging system to generate qualified contacts

21-02-2020 Ivana Majić

One of the interesting aspects of the job that I do is to understand the reasons for business decisions. You can delve behind the scenes into the decision-making processes, objectives and, above all, the long-term vision. When these choices then turn into an extensive revamping of business strategies, I find it useful to share the […]

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