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5 questions to ask when modelling components in 3D

20-02-2020 Audrey Varin

You do not need to go through the process of modelling components in 3D if you already have 3D models of your products at your disposal. The big advantage of modelling components in 3D is that your customers not only get CAD models to scale but also a large quantity of additional information about the […]

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How to build an effective online industrial product catalog?

28-01-2020 Audrey Varin

The launch of a new product catalog is a genuine challenge for Product Managers. From the design and promotion of the catalog to putting it online, each step has a direct impact on whether the catalog launch is successful or not, and therefore on the company’s revenues. There are many solutions available, but first you […]

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The 3 main things designers expect from manufacturers

24-01-2020 Audrey Varin

Engineers and designers perform many different tasks and assignments, including creating the design, drafting the specifications, carrying out simulations and making the prototype. As such, they cannot devote much time to looking for components during the design phase of their projects. Design professionals want to save time and be more productive. It is crucial for […]

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Why shouldn’t the Internet help us sell?

22-01-2020 Ivana Majić

Even you will now have realized that the sales game isn’t really a walk in the park. Acquiring new customers all the time while managing existing ones is becoming increasingly difficult. This is true of every sector: mechanical engineering, electronics, and automation included. So, if you supply solutions for designers and engineers who are going […]

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[INTERVIEW] – Gimec Trasmissioni publishes its 3D models on TraceParts and its own platform using the Smart-Publishing service

15-01-2020 Ivana Majić

What makes an SME like Gimec Trasmissioni, with a rich history in the power transmission market dating back 40 years, choose TraceParts as its partner to help raise its global profile?  Our chat with Lucio Cannito, Head of the Technical Department, provided us with a favorable opportunity to find out what forces drive a company that […]

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