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Marley Alutec
Marley Alutec Marley Alutec is the UK leader in innovative aluminium gutters, aluminium downpipes, fascia, soffit and coping solutions.
SAMET A.S SAMET, die führende türkische Marke für Möbelzubehör, wurde 1973 in Istanbul gegründet. Sie behauptet ihre führende Position an der Spitze der Möbelzubehörbranche mit über 3000 Produkten, di...
Duff-Norton Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 1927 hat sich Duff-Norton Europe, ehemals bekannt als „Faccords Gautier“, zum Ziel gesetzt, seine Kunden mit seinem Sortiment an drehbaren Armaturen und seinem Sortim...
DRECKSHAGE GmbH & Co. KG Das Paradies für Maschinenbauer Seit 1924 stehen in unserem Familienunternehmen die Wünsche unserer Kunden im Mittelpunkt. In unseren 4 Geschäftsfeldern Werkstoffe - Lineartechnik - Profile+Systeme...
STARNAT STARNAT is a leading supplier of linear motion and automation parts in China. Relying on years of professional experience in the field of linear motion, we provide breakthrough linear motion complete ...
Ninigi Manufacturer of Connectors, Switches and Indicators, Semiconductors
ACTIU At Actiu, we are office furniture manufacturers, specialized in designing workspaces for the well-being of people.
DCM SISTEMENS LED lighting systems - DCM Sistemes has a wide range of LED lighting products for machine vision, designed for giving solution to a multiple vision applications.
Tritech Tritech International Limited [Tritech], a Moog Inc. Company (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), is a high-technology business dedicated to providing the most reliable imaging and ancillary equipment for use in ...
YIHEDA FA Automatic Manufacturer
SSP Safety System Products GmbH & Co. KG
SSP Safety System Products GmbH & Co. KG Sicherheitslösungen aus einer Hand. Unsere Mission: „we simplify safety“ – einfache Anwendung von Maschinensicherheitstechnik. Wir bieten ein breites, abgestimmtes Produktprogramm, vom Schutzza...
MASZCZYK We are the leading producer of plastic casings, membrane keyboards and accessories for electronic equipment on the Polish market. Since 1983 we've been providing our domestic and foreign customers wit...
ERIDAN Eridan Company started production of explosion proof fire alarm systems in 1999, when the IP 03-2/1 detector appeared. Since then, we have strengthened our position significantly thanks to development...
INDUSTRILAS Industrilas develops, designs and manufactures access solutions for all kinds of industrial applications. Our main drive is a never-ending curiosity about our customers – we are passionate about fin...
Italsensor Founded in 2009 ITALSENSOR SRL continuers work started by TEKEL and specialized in developing and manufacturing of wide range of angular and rotary encoders, from standard to completely customized ver...
Contelec Die in Biel (CH) domizilierte Contelec ist spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung und Produktion hochwertiger Sensoren zur Winkel- und Wegmessung. Das zur deutschen Siedle-Gruppe gehörende Unternehmen bed...
Micromega Dynamics
Micromega Dynamics Micromega Dynamics proposes innovative solutions in the field of online structure monitoring, structural vibration reduction and high-precision mechanisms. These solutions have been deployed in demand...
dataflex Création et fabrication de solutions professionnelles dans le domaine du petit mobilier de bureau et des accessoires ergonomiques pour les espaces de travail
ATAS Die Firma ATAS Elektromotoren Náchod AG blickt auf eine 70 jährige Firmentradition zurück. Gegründet 1928 in Náchod, hat sich ATAS von Beginn auf die Entwicklung und Produktion von Elektromotoren...
Anval Anval is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of feeders and airlocks for powder and bulk materials handling applications across industries. Anval has an extensive range of Rotary Valves, Rotary Floa...
Flamco The Flamco Group is a member of the Aalberts N.V. and have since 1956 been involved in the development, production and sale of high-quality components for use in HVAC systems. In more than 70 countrie...
LUOlight The designer Oliver Walter is a German architect living and working in Helsinki for 20 years. With his participation in outstanding architectural, lighting and art projects he gained a deep insight in...
RADIAN RADIAN fabrique des appareils d'éclairage électrique.
Poral From porous filters to self-lubricated bearings and mechanical parts, Poral supports its customers from design to industrialization. Poral is the leading French group in powder metallurgy, and the fif...
Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval Heat exchangers, separation and fluid handling
item Industrietechnik GmbH
item Industrietechnik GmbH Systembaukästen für industrielle Anwendungen
Aegi AEGI Clamps Srl is producing pipe tube clamps for all kind of application from 1990. The quality of our products, the experience and highly motivated team of employers and collaborators is our guarant...
Gas Sensing Solutions
Gas Sensing Solutions Gas Sensing Solutions design, manufacture and customise the fastest, lowest power, and toughest CO2 sensors around.
Isocom Components
Isocom Components Isocom Components 2004 Ltd. is a manufacturer of Optocouplers & Optoswitches. Isocom Components is a leading supplier of infrared optoelectronic devices and has been for over thirty years, specialisin...
TT Electronics
TT Electronics Discover a variety of electronics from the smallest micro-circuits, sensors and resistors, to the most highly engineered power electronics for critical applications in harsh environments, as well as i...
ZUMTOBEL Supplier of integral lighting solutions.
Wieland Electric Inc.
Wieland Electric Inc. Manufacturer of DIN rail terminal blocks, terminal strips, printed circuit board (PCB) terminals, circular connectors, relays, power supplies, analog amplifier, overvoltage or surge protection devices...
ACB Iluminación
ACB Iluminación ACB ILUMINACION S.L. has more than 25 years in the market. 5,000 customers in more than 50 countries, trust us in our strength and trajectory.
Rami Yokota
Rami Yokota Rami Yokota BV ist ein europäisches Handelsunternehmen für Druckluftwerkzeuge und Zubehör mit Sitz in Amsterdam. Unser Betrieb wurde 1896 gegründet und konzentriert sich seit 1963 auf den Vertrieb...
Baco Controls, Inc
Baco Controls, Inc Custom manufacturer of switches, industrial pilot devices, boxes, safety modules, pushbuttons and enclosures. Various types of switches include time, analog, digital, limit, door, operator, signaling,...
GLAMOX We offer a range of lighting brands, and provide our customers with expert advice and solutions.
Atos Wir entwickeln intern unser gesamtes Know-how in den Bereichen Elektrohydraulik, Gießerei, Strömungstechnik, Mechanik und Elektronik.
Fenghua English - EN
EMERSON - AVENTICS As a global manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems, we are active in three product divisions: In addition to pneumatics, we also offer electronic marine controls and commercial vehicle techn...
KATKO Katko is a Finnish family business specialising in safety switches, load break switches and fused switches with more than 70 years of experience. Not all safety and load break switches on the market c...
Angst+Pfister Wir sind führender Entwickler, Hersteller und weltweiter Lieferant von hochentwickelten Komponenten und technischen Lösungen basierend auf Hochleistungs-Polymermaterialien und Metallen für OEM-Kund...
SENSIT SENSIT, s.r.o., is also engaged in the manufacture of temperature sensors in various industries. The standard temperature range of the sensors is from -200 °C to 1 200 °C and the diameter of the res...
Kradex Kradex ist der polnische Hersteller von Kunststoffgehäusen, die vor allem für die elektronische oder elektrischen Branche und überall dort, wo die Anwendung von Gehäusen aus Kunststoffen erforderl...
LIND English - EN
Belgo Protec
Belgo Protec Unidade de Negócio da Belgo Bekaert Arames com equipe especializada em projetos, assistência técnica, consultoria e com uma linha completa de barreiras físicas para adequar sua empresa à NR-12. A...
PUERTAS GISMERO PUERTAS GISMERO is the Spanish leading company manufacturing FIRE RATED AND ACOUSTIC DOORS of the highest quality and design.
Valworx Valworx is a leading supplier of actuated valves and accessories. Stainless, brass, PVC, sanitary ball and butterfly valves. Electric, pneumatic and manual actuation.
Rakon Deutsch - DE
Halla Manufacturer of interior LED lights.
Parker Rectus
Parker Rectus European leader in quick coupling solutions for industrial low pressure fluid handling systems.
AV Costar
AV Costar Arecont Vision Costar, LLC is a US-based company founded in 2018 to offer complete video surveillance solutions to customers around the world.
KÜNEMUND Gruppe Wälzlager. Dichtungen. Lineartechnik
LaserLinc LaserLinc specializes in laser and ultrasonic technology for precision measurement of diameter, ovality (also called roundness or eccentricity), material thickness or wall thickness, concentricity, an...
Dynisco Global leader providing high-performance, cost-effective solutions for plastics extrusion processing
J.C. Renfroe & Sons
J.C. Renfroe & Sons J.C. Renfroe & Sons is a U.S. manufacturer of plate clamp lifting equipment. The company is known for producing quality plate lifters, beam web clamps, self-locking clamps and vertical lift clamps for...

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