180 Million CAD downloads were delivered by TraceParts last year. We helped hundreds of component Suppliers build their sales pipeline with relevant, quality sales leads.

Publish your 3D product catalog and start engaging with the TraceParts network of 28 Million potential buyers.


Measure your ROI

We will give you a unique reporting tool to help you measure your ROI!

Publish to our network and you’ll get access to resources that generate and deliver quality leads, drive business, and result in measurable ROI. Our robust lead analytics provide all the details of who’s downloading your products, including their email address, type of industry, postal address, etc. Don’t wait for the phone to ring. With 24/7 on-demand access to lead reporting, you can provide your sales team with up-to-the-minute data on the who, what, when and where of product downloads long before the RFQs are being sent out!



Integrate further your Marketing with your Sales Processes

If you have Offices, Agents, Sales People, Distributors or Business partners located in different areas of the world, we will give you the opportunity to automatically re-direct sales leads generated from TraceParts to an unlimited number of people within your organization using our Country re-direction tool.


What’s more?

You may decide to receive sales leads as soon as they are generated or have them sent to you on one spreadsheet. You may also want to receive them on a very specific day of the week and/or on a very specific time of the day. The TraceParts Analytics tool gives you total freedom on how and when you want to receive your sales leads!


貴社の3D CADモデルのための可能性に満ちた世界
弊社の3D製品マーケティングソリューションについて知り、貴社の製品データを使用して収益を生み出しましょう。TraceParts 3D製品マーケティングキットをダウンロード
TraceParts Smart-Publishing
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