Display your banner ad on the TraceParts CAD-content platform

Increase your Brand Awareness by Promoting your Products to Millions of Engineers.

Display your banner ad on the TraceParts CAD-content platform

Display your Banner Ads to TraceParts active community of Designers and Engineers.

Target the display of your banners even more precisely depending on the behavior and interest of the users of the CAD-Content platform.

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6.7 million
monthly page views
Unique monthly visitors
over 7 minutes per session
4,0 million
Registered Users

Increase the effectiveness of your banner performance via smart targeting options & features

  • Geotargeting

    Select your display audience by region, continent, country or language.


  • Job Function Targeting

    Select your targets according to their position within the company to be sure of reaching out to the right audience for your solutions.


  • Keyword Targeting

    Select the keywords used by your target market and choose the semantic expressions in alignment with your company’s positioning in order to maximize your campaign performance.

  • Product Category Targeting

    Your can display your banner ads only on specific web pages, with 13 different product categories to choose from.


  • CAD Format used Targeting

    Select the CAD formats used by your target market and fine-tune the display for your banners accordingly.


  • Area of Interest Targeting

    You can target users of the CAD content platform according to the centers of interest that they chose when registering.

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  • Frequency Caps

    Limit exposure of your ad campaign to the same visitor. Cap data is stored at our ad server engine level, so these frequency caps work without cookies.


  • A/B Split Testing

    Perform A/B split tests on your banner ads to see which performs the best.

  • Dayparting

    Choose specific display days and time periods to maximize the efficiency of your banner ad campaigns.

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Medium Rectangle: 300×250 pixels
Images: GIF, PNG, JPG
HTML5 ZIP or single HTML5 Code Page – either one must be SSL compatible
Video: MP4 Format
The URL to the landing page must be provided by the customer.

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ivw certification
IVW certified, the first and only CAD catalog portal to be audited by the IVW German independent certification agency.

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