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We understand that all of our Customers have different requirements about publishing their CAD models, whether they want to make CAD models available on their own website or via TracePartsOnline.net and the TraceParts Publishing Network.


Working on online CAD models for over a decade, we have listed below information that should help you make the right decision. And if you can’t find the information that you were expecting, please send us an email at info@traceparts.com or give us a call!


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    Who are the people downloading CAD models from TraceParts?

    A CAD user downloading models from TraceParts is typically working as a Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical or Mechatronics Engineer within one of the following industries:


    Selection criteria possible by industry
    Regular feedback we receive from registered CAD users shows that their number one priority is to quickly identify and evaluate components that they can use for their project, hence why they need CAD models!

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    We want to promote our products in specific countries. Where are the TraceParts CAD users located?

    TraceParts CAD users form a truly Global Community. However, if your sales strategy is to target specific countries, we have developed a solution just for you! Indeed, you can promote your products in the language(s) of your choice. What’s more? Adding extra languages to support your products is absolutely free!



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    Why offering different CAD formats?

    We offer a multitude of different CAD formats to download. CAD users usually prefer using a specific CAD model format to suit the CAD software they use. What’s more? You won’t have to supply us with all CAD formats! The unique TraceParts Technology allows us to convert CAD files ‘on the fly’ in virtually any format and instantly deliver it online, ready to be downloaded.
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    Is the download of my CAD models and my product data sheets free?

    Yes, Design Engineers have to register first on TracePartsOnline.net before having total free access to your CAD models and your Technical data. The registration process is also absolutely free.

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    I have some CAD models but only for some of my products.

    Quite a lot of Manufacturers we are talking to for the first time are facing the same challenge! And here are some suggestions:
    – Focus on creating CAD models for product families or part numbers that are your top sellers. You don’t have to offer all of your products with CAD models but at least promote the ones that are important to you!


    – Depending on the complexity of your products (from a CAD model point of view!), TraceParts may be able to automatically generate some CAD models for you with our Parametric Data Creation Process. We will need to assess your product range to see if this can be an option for you.


    – Should you not have the resources to create your CAD models, we have a dedicated Team of CAD Experts at TraceParts who can do this for you!

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    I am already publishing CAD models on my own web site.

    You have done the right thing! If you have already made this important step, you may be interested in promoting your products to a vast community of Design Engineers and give them the possibility to download your CAD model in the format they need.
    And with a cumulated audience of over 28 miljoen Engineers & Designers on the TraceParts Publishing Network, there is no doubt that you will get NEW sales leads from companies who don’t necessarily go to your own website…

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    I like the idea of giving my Customers the choice to download my CAD models in the format they want. But I do not want to market my products on a platform with other manufacturers…

    We can develop a customized website with your branding specification to only show your products and your CAD models using the TraceParts unique Technology. We can also seamlessly embed our technology directly onto your existing web site via powerful web services.

    Please contact us and we can then assess together what option would work best for you.

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    I'm afraid my products are copied by my competitors.

    Geometrical data of your products published by TraceParts are simplified. We don’t show the internal design of your parts and therefore none of your proprietary technology is being displayed. From a designers’ point of view, this makes your CAD files lighter to use and quicker to download. Designers still have all the information they really need to evaluate your components for the equipment they design.
    Your 3D models powered by TraceParts can be linked to your website WITHOUT being published onto the TraceParts Publishing Network and you can then control access to your 3D models.
    All downloads from the online TraceParts portal require a user login, so you can track down who is downloading what from your catalog.
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    I don’t want to share key technical features of my product that we spent years to develop!

    Rest assured, we will not give any of your Intellectual properties away. Indeed we can simplify the CAD models that you want to publish to only show the external geometry of your products and not what is happening inside of it! Engineers can still select your components to see if they fit with the rest of their assembly.
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    Can my Customers order my products directly from TraceParts?

    No. Website visitors and registered users willing to have information on price, lead time, etc will have to contact you or your Sales Representative directly. We make sure that your contact details are always visible next to your products. You can also upgrade to our RFQ button feature, just to make sure that your customers have no excuse for not contacting you!
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    What level of investment should I budget to publish my CAD models onto the TraceParts platform?

    There are different key parameters that we need to go through together before we can give you an idea on the level of investment required. For example, do you already have all CAD models available? How many product families and part numbers do you want to promote?
    Please contact us for a free, no obligation review of your situation.

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    How long is a contract with TraceParts?

    At TraceParts, we really understand the concept of sticking to a budget. When you decide to work with TraceParts, your investment will be based on a flat fee, valid for one year from the start of the contract.

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