Remke Industries Partners with TraceParts for Digital Customer Experience & HubSpot Integrated Sales Lead Machine

Since 1963, Remke Industries, Inc. has manufactured industrial-strength cord grips, wire mesh grips, molded cordsets, as well as custom engineered products to serve the electrical connector market.

Remke prides itself on being a family and rewards values such as honesty, integrity, and a solid work ethic. Many of Remke’s employees have over 20 years’ experience and are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to meet their customers’ needs.  It is why Remke has customers that have stuck with them for over 50 years.

To understand more about Remke, and why they have chosen to partner with TraceParts, we talked with Jim Lillig, Digital Marketing Director.

Remke website cord grip

Jim, please share details of Remke’s objectives that lead you to select TraceParts as your partner for sales lead generation and product CAD data delivery.

“When we started building a business case to bring on TraceParts, there were several key focus areas we were targeting, including:

  • Digital customer experience
  • Capture prospective customer info
  • Sales lead flow
  • Sales lead qualification
  • Quality of customer support

Our customers were often asking for CAD downloads of our products. In fact, 50% of customer service calls were coming in and asking for CAD data for our products,” Jim shared.

“We wanted to improve the digital customer experience with 3D interactive product previews. And we were looking at our existing traffic and ways of leveraging that into our HubSpot CRM. We knew that companies were visiting our website, but we had a problem in getting them to raise their hand or getting them to fill out our web forms, which would opt them into marketing workflows. Previously, our website visitors would just run around our website, and we would see them, but we would have no way of contacting them.  In addition, there was no compelling reason for them to fill out a form unless they needed a quote.  Having Trace Parts CAD downloads solution changed all that.”

So how has TraceParts helped you?

“TraceParts allowed us to leverage existing Remke digital assets to achieve our objectives. The Remke web team implemented the TraceParts EasyLink embedded viewer and CAD download functions which allowed us to free up our customer support team since our customers can now find and download Remke CAD files on our website on their own, 24/7. We’ll be adding CAD data for additional Remke products over time.

Regarding our existing website traffic, now we have another tool in our arsenal that we can use to get the information from our visitors and to get them into our CRM tool. And we’ll have more flexibility to optimize our marketing and sales operations to focus team members to manage follow up for the CAD related sales leads that we get through TraceParts and other avenues.”

Were there other benefits that you would like to mention?

“We were able to improve our Digital Customer Experience for our website visitors as well as the sales lead flow through sales operation. TraceParts helps us to qualify sales leads in addition to our other efforts, such as whitepapers, infographics, and other marketing communications content that website visitors download.

Actions taken by the website visitors are graded and added into our lead scoring algorithm to identify marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which become actionable by our sales team. It is another way for us to qualify an end user.”

How long did it take your web team to implement the TraceParts 3D visualization and CAD download option on your website?

“It took us around a week to implement it. It was quick and easy. Remke worked with an external website development team which utilized the TraceParts API to build the embedded implementation into Remke’s website.”

What’s your advice to others for a successful implementation of TraceParts?

“Getting the right data in the first place was definitely most important. For example, while we were preparing the CAD data and metadata, we found a couple of things that were miscategorized or didn’t have the right CAD drawing associated with the products, so we had to go through that data and clean it up.

For others preparing to implement TraceParts, I recommend that you make sure that your data is prepared properly. If the product data isn’t prepared accurately, you’re going to have some headaches and rework, which should be expected with any IT project. The TraceParts team did a great job of keeping the Remke team on track, and they are a huge asset to TraceParts’ success.”

And what about the integration with HubSpot?

“We collaborated with TraceParts’ partner, Helioz Technologies, who created the TraceParts HubSpot Connector, and we quickly configured it into Remke’s HubSpot instance. After the HubSpot integration was complete, we immediately established a workflow for TraceParts sales leads to automate the process. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Remke product part number is recorded into the HubSpot record for the Remke customer who downloaded it.

By integrating TraceParts with HubSpot, Remke Industries has implemented an automated sales lead machine. All sales leads coming in via TraceParts are fed into HubSpot marketing campaigns that reach forward 6 to 12 months. The screenshots below show the workflow for TraceParts sales leads and an automated follow up email in HubSpot for website visitors who download Remke product CAD data.

Remke landing page

We have also created a landing page to capture prospective customers’ contact information when they visit.”

“We believe that our TraceParts sales lead machine will result in a streamlined digital customer experience for our website visitors, and the improved sales lead flow and sales lead qualification will result in improved sales and customer retention for Remke Industries,” concluded Jim.

We would like to thank Jim for taking the time to share his story with us, and we look forward to a successful collaboration with Remke Industries now and into the future.

For more info about Remke Industries, visit www.remke.com.

For more information on TraceParts, please visit us at www.traceparts.com.

And to learn more about Helioz Technologies, please visit www.helioztechnologies.com.

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