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Latest Press Releases  TurboCAD offers direct access to millions of CAD data through TraceParts
The 3D models delivered by the parts manufacturers are convenient and time saving.

 TraceParts 3D catalogs to be presented at the SolidWorks World 2009 Conference
The first 3DContentCentral content partner demonstrates its commitment to the SolidWorks community.

 konstruktionspraxis.de: A Wealth of News for Constructors
Exclusive media cooperation with the tracepartsonline.net portal.

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Success Stories

Haute Ecole Arc Ingenierie


Engineers from the Arc Upper School of Engineering go one step further with TraceParts

"From a technical and educational point of view, it was the very good integration of their library with CATIA V5 that convinced us. [...] Furthermore, the TraceParts educational offering is original and well suited to the hard facts of the educational world. For example, it is vital for each student to have access to components on any machine or over the network from his or her personal computer without requiring an Internet connection.", explains Raphal Montavon, Teaching lecturer in specialist schools and is in charge of CAD at Haute Ecole Arc Ingnierie. Find out more...

TraceParts responds to our quality requirements and makes our products more visible

Our components are particularly visible on the search engines thanks to efforts by marketing and TraceParts referencing and to frequent visits on their site. By not limiting the service provided to only technical aspects, TraceParts favors communication with its customers. We measure the importance of this effort and we appreciate the benefits daily. It therefore comes naturally to us to commercially exploit the download requests and that, no doubt, is part of our job! specifies Damien Cardon-Dubois, Technical Director for Norelem France. Find out more...

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New Parts Catalogs New parts catalogs available on tracepartsonline.net portal



New Features Updates of TraceParts DVD application

TraceParts DVD 2.5.9 SP2
This service pack allows TraceParts DVD to manage futures catalogs updates.
This service pack is mandatory in order to use catalogs updates to come.
It also enhances Add Part to library feature, Solid Edge and SolidWorks compatibilities and add compatibility with TurboCAD software.

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