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MICROPRECISION Nous avons plus de 60 ans d’expériences dans la production de composants électriques pour des applications dans les domaines d’ automatisation des équipements de machines, militaire, médicine...
Teknomotor S.r.l.
Teknomotor S.r.l. Founded in 1983 Teknomotor S.r.l. has for over 25 years designed and developed electric motors and electrospindles for mechanical applications. As a constant growing Company, Teknomotor S.r.l. is curr...
PiezoMotor Uppsala AB
PiezoMotor Uppsala AB PiezoMotor is a world-leading developer and producer of groundbreaking micro motors based on piezoelectric materials. The technology enables compact motors with high precision and true direct drive. P...
Neonode Technologies AB
Neonode Technologies AB Neonode is the go-to company for advanced Contactless Touch, Touch, Gesture Control, and In-Cabin Monitoring.
ISE Magentics
ISE Magentics Manufacturer of Electro magnetic solutions, Inductors, RFID, Special winding technologies, Current measuring, Magnetic shieldings, Transformers.
Anamet Europe
Anamet Europe For over 75 years, Anamet Europe supplied specialist hoses, conduits, and systems for protecting electrical cables and transporting liquids and gases. With a broad range of specially designed and engi...
YHDC Manufacture and Sales of electromagnetic components and devices. Products are widely used in industrial equipment, precision instruments and meters, aerospace, medical, railway, electric power, wind p...
The West Group
The West Group Relieving Pressure in Miniature Flow Control, Design & Component Selection. The West Group supports a wide range of markets across the UK and globally: Medical Market, Biopharm Market, Analytical Mark...
DANESE MILANO Since its foundation in 1957 Danese Milano has been a company that gives value to space.
BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES bv BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES,Your reliable partner in sensor applications: Pressure Measurement, Level Measurement, Differential Pressure Measurement, Strain Measurement, Load Measurement, Force Measuremen...
DUBUIS Le système de mise à la masse Dubuis est une méthode innovante créant un point d’ancrage sécurisé pour une connexion électrique fiable. L’insert crée une liaison d’équipotentialité ent...
Evard Précision SA
Evard Précision SA Spécialisée dans les techniques de serrage de précision depuis 1963, Evard Précision offre des solutions de serrage destinées aux machines conventionnelles ou à commande numérique, pour des cen...
Binder Magnetic
Binder Magnetic BINDER MAGNETIC est le fabricant leader français des technologies de transmission à base de courroies dentées
Egis SA
Egis SA La société EGIS est une entreprise suisse de taille moyenne, spécialisée depuis plus de 50 ans dans la fabrication de guidages linéaires de haute précision, utilisés principalement par les bran...
SEAT VENTILATION Seat Ventilation est le leader français du ventilateur anti-corrosion pour laboratoire et l’un des tous premiers fabricants mondiaux.
Gotec Fondée en 1964, Gotec SA est une entreprise familiale suisse dotée d’un fort savoir-faire dans le domaine des pompes électromagnétiques. Depuis sa création, nous avons développé plusieurs pro...
HUMPHREE Humphree Trim and Stabilization systems
synzen Leading provider of high performing embedded antennas the IoT, Medical, Automotive and Consumer electronics markets.
Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant JSC
Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant JSC Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant JSC (RMCIP) was established in September, 19, 1963 for the output of the capital and special-purpose products. Currently, it is the only factory in Russia a...
Magic Xtal Ltd.
Magic Xtal Ltd. Magic Xtal is a pioneer in creation of miniature ultra-low power high stability OCXOs based on the internally heated resonators and remains the world leader in development and fabrication of these ext...
Fixtureworks Standard machine elements and fixturing components for machining, manufacturing, inspection, assembly, OEM and industrial applications.
Meteor The factory «Meteor» has been constructed in 1959 in Volzhsky. All products made in the factory were of high quality. These products are widely applied in telecom and navigation equipment, including...
MARIO FERRI s.r.l. Universal Joints
MARIO FERRI s.r.l. Universal Joints FERRI have been manufacturing merely universal joints for more than fifty years. Thanks to this specialization, FERRI joints have always reached top levels in precision and reliability. The constant t...
ATEC Manufacture and ball transfer (Planeveyor) sale maintenance and power tools sale, manufacture and magnet ring · point flash sale
BVN BVN has been providing millions of ventilation fans of different scales, used in various application areas by thousands of institutions from 82 countries of the world for 30 years. BVN carries out its...
PUI Audio, Inc
PUI Audio, Inc We strive to provide the world with the most comprehensive line of high-quality audio components and innovative custom solutions, by applying our unique design approach and world-class customer care.
EAGLEPICHER American batteries manufacturer
STC-Steyr Germany GmbH
STC-Steyr Germany GmbH Rolling bearings | Enclosures | Drive technology
DURI MITEC DURI MITEC was etablished in 1999, We are directly producing, selling, and distributing Locking Element, Precision Lock nut, and Coupling.
J.D. Theile
J.D. Theile Manufacturer of chains and lifting points
New-Mat Mecatronics
New-Mat Mecatronics New-Mat Mecatronics conçoit et produit différentes gammes de matériels et équipements destinées à l’automatisation de processus industriels, dont des machines de production diverses.
DH-ROBOTICS DH-Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on providing electric gripper and intelligent grasping scheme for robot and automation industry. Through independent researc...
SHXTM Shanghai SHXTM Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the R & D, design and manufacturing of planetary reducer, right angle planetary reducer, planetary gear reducer, gear r...
Swegon Swegon Group AB is a market leading supplier in the field of indoor environment, offering solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling and climate optimisation, as well as connected services and expert...
Hydropa Hydraulic Cylinders
Limo AB
Limo AB We are mainly an agent for large world-leading manufacturers of industrial shock absorbers, vibration dampers, gas springs, seals, bushings, bellows cylinders and special pneumatics. In addition, we h...
ECLIPSE MAGNETICS Forte d'un siècle d'expérience dans la conception et la fabrication de systèmes magnétiques extrêmement performants, l'entreprise Eclipse Magnetics fournit des équipements essentiels à certains...
FANUC Manufacturer of numerical controls (NCs) and servo systems
Bafa Fondée il y a plus de 65 ans, suite aux nombreux véhicules militaires américains présents sur le sol français juste après la guerre, BAFA est une entreprise qui a traversé les époques en metta...
Vishay Measurements Group UK Ltd.
Vishay Measurements Group UK Ltd. VPG Transducers provides the performance, precision and expertise that only one of the largest load cell and transducer manufacturers worldwide can deliver. Tedea-Huntleigh, Sensortronics, Revere and ...
Mercotac, Inc.
Mercotac, Inc. Mercotac®, Inc. was founded in 1978 to manufacture unique, high quality, low cost rotating electrical connectors. Mercotac® rotating electrical connectors have been developed to meet the needs of a ...
AOI AOI has been proposing and supporting the equipment and equipments related to automation and labor saving, such as valves, couplings, tubes, and so on since 1968. In addition, the effort has been made...
Durovis Durovis AG seit jeher Zulieferer von mechanischen Bauteilen sowie Hersteller von technischen Federn für die gesamte Industrie.
Automation24, Inc.
Automation24, Inc. Automation24 is the premier online supplier for industrial automation components offering a well-rounded selection of products and solutions from sensor to control cabinet. Automation24 has been devel...
NEWERA TEXAS SAFETY & INDUSTRIAL is a premier US distributor of industrial parts and components included Japan New_Era.
Mass Flow ONLINE B.V.
Mass Flow ONLINE B.V. Mass Flow ONLINE, a Bronkhorst® company. Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., established in 1981, offers the most extensive product range of high quality thermal mass flow meters and controllers in the market...
BROEN BROEN Valve Technologies is a leading international manufacturer of valve technology and we operate on three continents across the world with key markets in Russia, Europe, China and USA. For more th...
JSC Elecond
JSC Elecond Joint Stock Company "ELECOND" is a leading Russian manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum wet-slug capacitors, and tantalum and niobium solid-electrolyte capacitors.
Level Developments Ltd
Level Developments Ltd Level Developments delivers a wide range of high quality precision levelling and angle measurement instruments to a diverse global customer base.
MEA Metal Applications
MEA Metal Applications Innovative Metal Applications
LEVAC Concepteur et fabricant d’élingues câbles, chaines, cordage et sangle.
METO-FER USA LLC Meto-Fer USA has been supplying quality automation components and systems for over 30 years, representing Meto-Fer Automation ag. The company features an extensive line of automation components, elect...
PLASSON PLASSON provides a wide range of solutions for connecting PE pipe.
Sauermann Depuis 45 ans, le Groupe Sauermann conçoit, fabrique et commercialise des produits et des services dédiés aux marchés HVACR et industriels, en axant ses efforts sur la détection, la mesure et le ...
RENU Renu Electronics is a company offering quality products to global customers in the area of industrial electronics and factory floor automation.
Simson Power Tools AB
Simson Power Tools AB Simson Power Tools AB designs, manufactures and sells hydraulic power tools characterised by their high quality, security, flexibility and high performance since 1952. Simson Kompakt Jacks is our bril...
A.E.V.A. Depuis 1984, A.E.V.A. fabrique et commercialise des résistances électriques blindées qui peuvent s’intégrer dans de nombreux process de fabrication. L’expérience, le savoir-faire et les capac...
Helvar Intelligent Lighting for Brighter Spaces
HYPOWER Hy-Power Clamps Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer in hydraulic clamping elements for last 24 years. HPCPL is having the best in-house manufacturing and testing setup with built in quality assuranc...
MESUREX MESUREX, Fabricant de capteurs et appareils de mesure depuis 47 ans.
FERRY PRODUITS Construction mécanique Ferry propose une large gamme de solution pour l'industrie. Moteurs pneumatiques de haute technologie sans lubrification, à double rotor. Fabrication de pièces mécaniques de...
PT Ltd
PT Ltd PT Ltd is an ISO 9001 accredited manufacture and has been designing and engineering measurement solutions for the weighing industry from Auckland, New Zealand since 1979. Select from an extensive rang...
MEROBEL Freins et Embrayages EMP (ElectroMagnétiques à Poudre), des Contrôleurs numériques de tension de bande
AIRFLOW Ventilating equipment manufacturer
Flexibil S.R.L
Flexibil S.R.L Flexibil is a manufacturer of parts and systems for vibration-control and noise isolation solutions; these are engineered using vulcanized rubber-metal technology. Flexibil solutions are used in vario...
ANTENOVA Antenova provides hardware and services for small innovators to world-leading companies to create exceptional wireless products.
FENIX Innovative clamping solution for metal pipes
APLISENS APLISENS S.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality process instrumentation.
KYOKUTO Kyokuto Electric is a manufacturer of leakage interrupter and DC switch in Japan.
PLANETA-Hebetechnik Lifting equipment, Rope winches, Electric hoists & Cranes
STEGIA Stegia has grown into a multinational group providing technically innovative motor solutions.
IMO JEAMBRUN AUTOMATION Solutions innovantes pour l'automation et le motion control
OEMER MOTORI ELETTRICI SPA OEMER, a leading manufacturer of electric motors, has been in this business since 1949. Our experience in the specific sector of electric motors and the technology we use lets us design and produce ...
Caproni JSC
Caproni JSC “Caproni ” JSC produces hydraulic elements and systems for integration in mobile and stationary industrial equipment. The company products find application in gear boxes of passenger cars, vehicle...
HARKEN Harken, Inc. est un fabricant et un distributeur de premier plan de matériel et d'accessoires innovants pour voiliers.
Lopolight Since the start of the LED revolution in the early 00’s Lopolight has been supplying LED navigation lights to sailors around the world with the promise of ‘fit ‘n forget’. Today Lopolight is f...
AirTAC AirTAC International Group with its headquarter located in Taiwan and established in Taiwan in 1988, is a well-known supplier/manufacture of pneumatic equipments in the world market. AirTAC is special...
LS ELECTRIC We at LS ELECTRIC are leading the power system and automation sectors of the nation’s industry, concentrating all our effort and energy on product quality and innovative ideas.

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