The 2009 TraceParts Christmas tree design contest is over. The winning trees are chosen.


First of all we’d like to thank all the contestants spending their time and creativity for the 2009 TraceParts Christmas tree design contest!


The challenge was to design a 3D Christmas tree with the help of millions of available CAD models that are provided for free on tracepartsonline.net.


Due to our users’ impressive creativity it was not easy for the jury to come to a decision. We now invite you to take a closer look at the winning trees by clicking on the thumbnails on the left.


So we wish you Happy New Year and hope our free CAD library saves you valuable time in 2010 you’ll better spend on your design work instead of redrawing standard components!



Your TraceParts Team


Click here to discover the creativity of our best participants!


The winning Christmas trees.
Click to enlarge.

1st place:
The winner of the Xmas Tree Design Contest 2009
2nd place:
Xmas Tree 2009
3rd place:
x-mas Tree 2009
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