4 reasons why technical data and 3D CAD models from your suppliers should be central to your inbound marketing strategy…

1 ‘Inbound marketing tactics such as SEO and other content strategies do fill the top of my sales funnel but converting leads to sales opportunities is somehow challenging!’

3D product marketing is all about generating leads that result in RFQs as quickly as possible. Offering supplier-certified 3D CAD models and 2D drawings right from your site via a registration process generates better qualified leads at low cost while reducing wasted resources on RFQs that are not a good fit for your business. Every time a 3D CAD model is downloaded, you capture the full contact details of the design engineer that you can follow through.

2 ‘Design wins lead to prototype and standard products orders’

Most of the technical parts that you promote probably need to be “designed in” before being ordered. Influencing the CAD designer to reach the final decision maker is paramount!
In fact, design engineers will look for alternate suppliers if they cannot find the right technical spec and 3D CAD models on a vendor’s site.

3 ‘We need to become the preferred industrial partner instead of being a reseller that is constantly competing on price’

In addition to pricing and lead time, giving reliable technical information on your site really helps designers cut down on specification errors in BOMs. Offering them 3D CAD models with a 3D viewer will shorten their time to market and enable you to engage with new prospects while increasing customers’ loyalty.

4 ‘You need to provide CAD models’

86.4%* of designers only want to work with companies offering CAD models of their products.

*Based on 10,000 design engineers who responded to the TraceParts 2016 online survey.

Success Story: RS Components

What better way to foster RS Components customer loyalty?
> Read the testimonial from RS Components



They have integrated 3D CAD models on their websites

  • RS Component
  • Reiff
  • IPH Orexad
  • Haberkorn





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