Trace Software introduces TraceParts for Inventor, the first component library for Autodesk Inventor™

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Trace Software is pleased to be announcing the immediate release of TraceParts for Autodesk Inventor™ and in doing so is the first software developer in the world to supply a fully integrated library of mechanical components for Autodesk Inventor.

An application and service of impressive benefits, TraceParts provides designers with access to an extensive library of mechanical components that is always up-to-date and includes a dynamic 3D viewer for the fully parametric components.


“When designing Inventor™ we dedicated ourselves to the task of providing users with immediate productivity gains by giving the program a highly intuitive user interface specialised specifically for the task of mechanical design” Georges Millet, Managing Director of Autodesk France. “TraceParts for Inventor™ completes this requirement for productivity in a remarkable fashion.
Capable of improving productivity by anywhere between 50% and 80%, a library of mechanical components is an essential requirement for most design offices.

“It is not the task of CAD platform developers to manage the information provided by various component manufacturers,
” declares Etienne Mullie, CEO of the Trace Software Group. “This is a specialist field that Trace Software, one of Autodesk’s partners since 1989, has been involved in for several years by collaboration with some of the biggest names in the mechanical industry.”

Compatible with Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD 2000, Architectural Desktop and now Autodesk Inventor™, TraceParts is now available for the entire range of Autodesk’s iDesign product line. Drawing offices operating simultaneously in both Mechanical Desktop and Inventor™ environments can therefore use the product. TraceParts has also been chosen by a number of other CAD platform developers, which ensures an attractive and long-term relationship with the manufacturing community.

TraceParts, the go-between for manufacturers and designers

TraceParts is not just a product line, but also a concept and entire range of services supplied to manufacturers and drawing offices. TraceParts is based upon PartsXML©, a structure that standardises the coding of the information required to accurately define components, and the dotCAD© format, a descriptive language based upon JAVASCRIPT that is used to define the fully parametric component models.

As well as the “Component Library” products, TraceParts technology also enables the creation of custom online and CD solutions for manufacturers. These specialist applications allow manufacturers to promote their equipment by addressing the entire design community while removing the technical constraints associated with the use of different file types in CAD.

TraceParts is also an online application; the site is a gateway that provides for the worldwide distribution of the CAD models from the manufacturers involved in the TraceParts concept.

TraceParts for Autodesk Inventor

Trace Software and SPATIAL have recently signed a partnership agreement for the use of the ACIS kernel within TraceParts, the result of which is that both Autodesk Inventor™ and TraceParts for Inventor™ use the ACIS modelling kernel as part of their core programming. TraceParts also includes the following functionality:
The content of TraceParts includes tens of thousands of components and is constantly growing. Updates are supplied by CD ROM or online.
TraceParts can be used immediately following installation due to its modern and intuitive interface that is directly accessible from within Inventor.
TraceParts includes several search engines as well as a flexible classification system that enhances its ease-of-use.
TraceParts caters for the 3D visualisation of components prior to their insertion in assemblies, which allows designers the opportunity to check the parts they have selected.
As well as the 3D models, TraceParts also provides extensive documentation distributed by the manufacturer concerning the components, such as information about mounting conditions, technical considerations, etc…
Components created by TraceParts and inserted into assemblies include all the information required to create detailed parts lists.
Users can develop the content of the library to suite their requirements by; the addition of their own models, editing of attached databases and the association of custom documentation for in-house use.

Price and availability

TraceParts for Inventor is distributed via the Autodesk reseller network at a price of 750.00 euros (USD 690.00). TraceParts is also available as a server based application, this functionality allows the management of the content of the library in function of the custom requirements of individual companies.

About Autodesk

Autodesk is the world’s leading design and digital content creation resource. The company provides software and Internet portal services to help customers drive business through the power of design. One of the largest software companies in the world, Autodesk helps designs become a reality for more than 4 million customers in over 150 countries. For more information, contact any Authorised Autodesk Reseller, or visit www.autodesk.com Discreet™ product information is available via the Web at www.discreet.com. Autodesk shares are traded on the Nasdaq national market under the symbol ADSK.

About Trace Software

Having been present within the CAD market for the past ten years, Trace Software is today positioned as a driving force when considering the relationship between manufacturers and designers. The company’s wide experience in modelling and the compilation of component information facilitates the distribution of models, manufacturers no longer need experience the constraints associated with achieving detailed knowledge of the various CAD tools used in design offices. For further information concerning the Trace Software Group and their products please refer to www.trace-software.com

Sobre el Autor

TraceParts es una de las principales plataformas de contenido CAD del mundo para ingeniería, equipamiento industrial y diseño de máquinas. TraceParts ofrece servicios de marketing para la generación de leads altamente orientados a cientos de clientes de todos los tamaños y de todas las industrias a través de una potente API basada en la nube y aplicaciones SaaS, como bibliotecas de componentes 3D, catálogos de productos y configuradores.

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