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ConnectPress, Ltd. And TraceParts Announce New 3D CAD Model Search Capability.


ConnectPress Ltd logoSanta Fe, NM, and Saint Romain, France, April 14, 2009 – ConnectPress, Ltd., in partnership with TraceParts, announces today the launch within the ConnectPress (CP) CAD Communities of a co-branded, 3D CAD parts website for each of the CP Communities. The vertical search engine sites will be utilized by engineering designers when specifying parts for their designs. With traffic on the native site, tracepartsonline.net, already in excess of 5 million page views each month, the two companies believe access to the new website will complement the ConnectPress CAD Communities and provide industrial parts manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with a targeted venue to educate and promote their parts to designers.


ConnectPress, Ltd. And TraceParts Announce New 3D CAD Model Search Capability

“With nearly 100,000 worldwide suppliers seeking the attention of CAD Designers, this new website is an incredible, new, online marketing tool for industrial suppliers,” says Dan Raker, President of ConnectPress.“Over 90% of designers and engineers now use the Internet to locate and select components for their new designs. Being able to educate and promote directly to these decision-makers during their actual selection process, even as they work within their personal CAD systems, is a novel and new online marketing opportunity.”

”TraceParts catalogs are a fantastic productivity tool for all CAD engineers and we strongly believe this new publishing partnership with ConnectPress will strengthen our leading position in digital engineering 3D content”, explains Gabriel Guigue, Managing Director of TraceParts. ”Our permanent challenge is to maximize the marketing exposure of our hundreds of suppliers and standard 3D catalogs, and these vertical CAD parts libraries will be of great help to reach this goal.”

In conjunction with the 300,000+ member ConnectPress CAD Communities, TraceParts now offers suppliers comprehensive promotion opportunities including Web 2.0 advertising utilities such as targeted display ads linked to micro-sites, behavior-based direct marketing, pay-for-performance pricing, and community sponsorship opportunities which foster brand loyalty and support industry research and development. Over 2,000,000 page views monthly are available to target members of Proe.com, CATIACommunity.com, UGSCommunity.com, SolidWorksCommunity.com and InventorConnections.com


About TraceParts

TraceParts is a leading digital engineering content company, offering customers progressive business solutions through powerful web based products and services. As part of the Trace Software Group founded in 1989, TraceParts helps customers improve marketing efficiencies by increasing the value of their existing digital product data. The tracepartsonline.net CAD portal is freely available to millions of CAD users worldwide. For more information about TraceParts, please visit www.traceparts.com.


About ConnectPress

ConnectPress is the leading online publisher of CAD/CAM/CAE Communities. Over 300,000 active Community members share news, features, tips, Q&A and more about the leading CAD brands and applications. To learn more about our industry-leading communities, or to join today, visit www.connectpress.com.


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Sobre el Autor

TraceParts es una de las principales plataformas de contenido CAD del mundo para ingeniería, equipamiento industrial y diseño de máquinas. TraceParts ofrece servicios de marketing para la generación de leads altamente orientados a cientos de clientes de todos los tamaños y de todas las industrias a través de una potente API basada en la nube y aplicaciones SaaS, como bibliotecas de componentes 3D, catálogos de productos y configuradores.

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