TraceParts Announces First Christmas Tree Model Contest

17-12-2007 Priscillia Granval

Winners to Receive Free CAD Models from ‘Licensed’ Catalogs


Christmas Tree Design ContestSt Romain, France, Dec. 17, 2007 – TraceParts, a market-leading digital engineering 3D content company, today announced the launch of its first Christmas Tree Model Contest, until December 31, 2007. The winners will be announced on January 7, 2008 among the best Christmas tree pictures received.


Contestants must build a Christmas tree using components downloaded from the tracepartsonline.net CAD library (www.tracepartsonline.net). Three winners will be selected and best rendered images will be published on TraceParts corporate web site. All prizes are free CAD models from tracepartsonline.net ‘Licensed’ catalogs: 1,000 files for first place, 600 for second place, and 200 for third place.


The Christmas trees should be designed in 3D, using any CAD or picture editing software, and using as many different components available in the tracepartsonline.net CAD library as possible. Contestants must send rendered image of their tree before December 31 to info@traceparts.com.


Visit this page for more information and submission instructions.


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TraceParts is a leading digital engineering content company, offering customers progressive business solutions through powerful web based products and services. TraceParts helps customers improve marketing efficiencies by increasing the value of their existing digital product data. The tracepartsonline.net CAD portal is freely available to millions of CAD users worldwide. For more information about TraceParts, please visit www.traceparts.com

A rough-and-ready designed Christmas tree made out of components available in the TraceParts CAD libraryA rough-and-ready designed Christmas tree made out of components available in the TraceParts CAD library.
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