Promote your brand in a unique way!

Launch a personalized digital competition and target an engineering community of over 950,000 opt-in contacts.

This online challenge will be organized in partnership with TraceParts, and several strategies will be used to promote the competition: a series of email campaigns, banner ads on the homepage of the TraceParts CAD-content platform and also in the monthly newsletter. It will also be promoted on the social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) and through two press releases (one to announce the launch and the other to announce the results), which will be published on specialist media sites for the engineering community according to a predefined backward plan.

The challenge will be tailored to your campaign goals (increase traffic to your website, generate new leads, promote your new products, and so on).

Our digital marketing experts are ready and waiting to help you define the type of competition that will produce the best results for your objectives.

The competition will generally last a month and can be held in different countries.

Premium package:

  • 4 email campaigns
  • 2 press releases
  • Banner on the TraceParts Newsletter
  • Banners on the CAD-content platform
  • Publication on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Download the brochure about the Personalized Contest