“Cool New Products” newsletter: Reach out to engineers and designers while satisfying their appetite for new products!

Promote your new products and services in a newsletter specially designed to showcase the latest industrials products.

Every month, over 525,000 engineers and designers who have registered with the CAD-content platform and opted to receive correspondence from TraceParts receive the Cool New Products newsletter featuring the latest products and services.

Engineers and designers love discovering new products for their projects, so this newsletter has proved a tremendous hit, since it provides them with actionable and relevant information about the latest CAD products that concern them directly.

Five to six text ads are available for each language for disseminating your ads. Each space contains an image, a heading, a sub-heading, a short description and a link to your website.

This newsletter also includes a highly visible banner space since it is located at the top of the communication.

The newsletter is sent out in four different languages: English (North America & EMEA), French, German and Italian.


Text Ad

Title: 30 characters max
Subtitle: 40 characters max
Description: 350 characters max
CTA: 30 characters max
Image width: 270px
Image height: 270px
Image format: PNG, JPEG or GIF

Banner Ad

728×90 px


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