web2CAD TraceParts registers its 300,000th Internet user

The combination of powerPARTS and TraceParts has given rise to one of the leading parts libraries.

web2cad logoAmberg – July 6, 2005At the beginning of June, the web2CAD tracepartsonline.net parts library passed the 300,000 mark in terms of CAD users. web2CAD TraceParts owes its high level of recognition among manufacturers and CAD users to its free and extensive parts library for all sectors of the industry. Bolstered by 300,000 Internet users, web2CAD can once again guarantee parts vendors strong presence in the market and large-scale distribution.
Combining the TraceParts and web2CAD powerPARTS catalogs has given rise to one of the leading CAD parts libraries, with more than 190 manufacturers’ catalogs and 80 million CAD drawings. In addition, the www.traceparts.com portal help the machinery designers to optimize their choice of purchased parts. The aim for all users is to reach a high level of productivity throughout their design and manufacturing processes, when lead times and product lifecycles are becoming ever shorter.

 The combination of powerPARTS and TraceParts has given rise to one of the leading parts libraries

Services will play an increasingly important role in creating a competitive edge within the parts industry. Our 300,000 online users particularly enjoy our extensive, international and cost-free offering for the off-the-shelf parts, as well as the quick and easy availability of the data. In the eyes of parts vendors, web2CAD TraceParts represents a strong potential for generating additional sales, meaning even greater market penetration. We are considered as a reliable technology supplier for their portfolio of Internet-based services explains Heike Streng, web2CAD TraceParts GmbH Sales & Marketing Manager.

About web2CAD TraceParts

web2CAD TraceParts GmbH, which belongs to the French Trace Software Group, founded in 1989, develops and markets software solutions for parts libraries, electronic catalogs and product configurations. Combining the content of the TraceParts and powerPARTS libraries has given rise to one of the world’s leading CAD parts libraries, with more than 190 manufacturers’ catalogs and 80 million CAD drawings. Thanks to the open and high-performance technology inherent in TraceParts for all the main CAD software, 300,000 users have already placed their trust in these online parts catalogs throughout their design and manufacturing processes. Spurred on by this worldwide user base, web2CAD TraceParts can in turn guarantee parts vendors targeted and cost effective market penetration in all sectors of the industry.


Parts catalogs from web2CAD TraceParts can be accessed via the www.traceparts.com Internet portals.
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