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web2cad logoAmberg, March 8, 2006 – Amberg-based company web2CAD TraceParts GmbH has announced that it is changing its name to TraceParts GmbH.


This name change culminates the migration progress initiated in September 2004 and stands as the foundation stone in the company’s long-term positioning as a service provider in the CAD industry.


CAD parts library

Combining the TraceParts and web2CAD powerPARTS catalogs gave rise in September 2004 to one of the leading CAD parts libraries in the engineering sector, with more than 190 manufacturers’ catalogs and 80 million CAD drawings. Today, TraceParts has over 600,000 online and CD CAD users around the world. TraceParts owes its high level of recognition among manufacturers and other CAD users to its free and extremely extensive parts libraries for all sectors of the industry. The CAD catalogs made available by TraceParts provide parts manufacturers with strong geographical presence in the markets and an additional distribution channel in the international arena.


TraceParts Enterprise

TraceParts Enterprise is primarily aimed at companies requiring a large, diversified and administrated range of parts in their everyday manufacturing process. The TraceParts user portals are customized exactly to meet the requirements of customers and are adapted to the existing IT environment. The portals contain an exact list of the purchased parts defined as needed by the user, thereby avoiding a confusion of parts and reducing the endless time spent searching. By restricting the parts to those authorized in the company, TraceParts Enterprise paves the way for effective parts management.


Software partner for PDM/ERP integration

With ever-increasing requirements, there is the need to use process-oriented, technical standards for exchanging product data. To help administer the CAD components and the associated product data, TraceParts supports integration in existing PDM/ERP environments. This means that all the relevant data are still available centrally. Manufacturing companies can then benefit from seamless, intelligent networked processes.

“Our customers know that the wide range of services offered by TraceParts has long gone beyond just providing a comprehensive international parts library and continues to do so. Very early on, they placed their trust in our expertise for their portfolios of Internet-based services. By changing our name, we are going to reinforce external communication focusing on our skills in e-catalog and CAD software and stake our position even more clearly as one of the leading solutions providers,” advises Heike Streng, TraceParts GmbH Sales & Marketing Manager.

Building on the recent appointment of Christian Baumgärtner as Director of TraceParts GmbH, the subsidiary of the French Trace Software Group underlines the strategic importance of German-speaking countries. In addition to extending one of the leading parts libraries, developing customer-oriented software and providing services and consulting are also part of the rapidly-expanding activities pursued by TraceParts GmbH. The company will be attending the 2006 Hannover Fair for the first time with a complete range of products and services.


Customer-oriented solutions and services

TraceParts is recognized as a reliable technology supplier for creating and implementing product and CAD data. The publisher’s portfolio includes custom-made Web-based solutions covering the entire process, from configuring the parts in 3D to ordering the parts directly. TraceParts offers an all-round service, whether for a specific project or a complex and customized solution. TraceParts’ solutions support the manufacturing process between the supplier and the company generating the demand. The enhanced customer service enables both parties to save time, money and therefore to immediately increase their productivity.


My TraceParts

Using My TraceParts, parts manufacturers can provide their customers with all the important information, such as product photos, prices, availability, and in particular, native CAD models, online via their own web-based catalog or on the company’s own CD-ROM. The aim is to reduce costs by streamlining the process and gain an additional competitive edge by offering a more efficient service.


About TraceParts

TraceParts is a consulting-oriented software developer specialized in CAD and mechanical industry. As part of the French Trace Software Group founded in 1989, the company develops and markets software solutions for parts libraries, electronic catalogs and product configurations specially designed to meet the requirements of the mechanical construction sector.
Combining the content of the TraceParts and web2CAD powerPARTS libraries has given rise to one of the world’s leading CAD parts libraries, with more than 190 manufacturers’ catalogs and 80 million CAD drawings. Thanks to the open and high-performance technology inherent in TraceParts for all the main CAD software, more than 600,000 users have already placed their trust in its parts catalogs throughout their design and manufacturing process. Spurred on by this worldwide trust, TraceParts can in turn guarantee suppliers of standard components targeted and cost-effective market penetration in all sectors of the industry.


You can access the TraceParts parts catalogs via the site


For further information or documentation on TraceParts GmbH, please contact:


TraceParts GmbH

Christian Baumgärtner
Tel.: +49 (0)9621 91 73 0
Fax: +49 (0)9621 91 73 11


TraceParts is a registered trademark of TraceParts S.A. All other trademarks mentioned have been registered by their respective owners. 

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TraceParts es una de las principales plataformas de contenido CAD del mundo para ingeniería, equipamiento industrial y diseño de máquinas. TraceParts ofrece servicios de marketing para la generación de leads altamente orientados a cientos de clientes de todos los tamaños y de todas las industrias a través de una potente API basada en la nube y aplicaciones SaaS, como bibliotecas de componentes 3D, catálogos de productos y configuradores.

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