Running Snail

Equipo del Running Snail


Since 2008 TraceParts is one of the proud sponsors of the Formula Student Team of the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden, Germany.

Besides the sponsorship TraceParts is also providing a educational TraceParts license with unlimited seats in order to boost the team´s design productivity.


The Formula Student is an international engineering competition that was founded in the US in 1981 and is now held in seven different countries each year. The main organizer is the largest engineering association in the world, the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).


The Formula Student is based on the idea that a company places an order for the construction of a race car prototype for amateur race car drivers. The vehicle has to fulfill certain requirements and therefore the competition is conceived in such a way that all aspects are evaluated, from the design to the cost control and from the marketing to the practical usability.


During the annual competitions in the US, Germany, England, Italy Australia, Brazil and Japan, the race cars go up against a large international group of participants.



  • TraceParts felicita al equipo del Running Snail por su clamoroso éxito en Silverstone y Hockenheim y por su fantástico primer puesto en el circuito CzechRing
    Trofeo al mejor piloto y una excelente clasificación general en carreras internacionales


  • Running Snail Goes Electric


  • Silverstone Results


  • Running Snail is testing new wheel carrier


  • Unveiling of the eighth race car RS-12


  • Sponsors’ race


  • Sponsors’ evening 2011


  • Hockenheim Results


  • Running Snail Racing Team sponsored by TraceParts – Top results achieved in 2010
    The Running Snail Racing Team of the German Amberg-Weiden College has once again achieved great successes during this season.


  • Running Snail Racing Team – very good results in 2008
    The Running Snail Racing Team of the Amberg-Weiden College sponsored by TraceParts has once again achieved numerous successes in the 2008 season.


  • First Place At Michelin Again
    The Running Snail Racing Team of the Amberg-Weiden College sponsored by TraceParts has won the Michelin competition again in 2008, just as in the previous year.