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Boost registrations for your webinars and get highly qualified leads by promoting them in the new Webinar Newsletter.

Webinars are very much in vogue in marketing strategies and this has increased since the pandemic.
The reason?
It is a tool without geographical or temporal constraints thanks to on-demand recordings. Another advantage is that it is a tool that encourages dialogue when it is live. The audience can intervene, ask questions, answer surveys… Video also offers a more entertaining format than a document to be read. Last but not least, it is a good way to generate qualified leads because participants must first register via a form.

Boost registrations for your webinars and get highly qualified leads by targeting engineers and designers with the new Webinar Newsletter. With this specific newsletter, reach out to over 500,000 engaged subscribers worldwide. It is sent out in four different languages to maximize engagement : English, French, German and Italian.

Our newsletters have proven to be especially popular among engineers and designers, who see our CAD-content platform as a time-saving tool and our content as relevant to their needs.

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