Meccania’s extrusions CAD data now available on

Meccania Srl, an Italian producer of industrial automation systems, has partnered with TraceParts to publish its 3D product catalog online. 

Its complete portfolio includes linear actuators, conveyor systems, precision aluminum frames, work benches, soundproof protection cabins and frames for modular fixture systems for metrology and assembly. 


By partnering with TraceParts, Meccania made CAD data of its assembling profiles download-ready in more than 70 formats and available to the 4.7 million engineers and designers registered on 

Linear modules as a core in industrial automation 

Production of linear modules is Meccania’s core activity. These modules are available with four driving systems: rack and pinion, belt-pulley, ball screw and linear motor. Meccania also specializes in automatic lines for white goods and produces suitable linear modules with long strokes and heavy loads. 

Their industrial automation products are applied across various industries, wherever the automatic application is needed. They successfully adjust to many applications and tailor their solution depending on load, stroke and speed characteristics. Its expertise can help companies from different fields of activities decide on the technical solution which would be the right solution for them, at an effective cost. 

As main advantages, Meccania highlights the accuracy, performance, strength, reliability and customization of their products, and their strong commitment to continuous development. 

CAD data at the fingertips of engineers worldwide 

Meccania’s decision to publish its CAD data with TraceParts was triggered by the wish to meet the needs of engineers and designers and support them in their design projects: 

Technical designers have to be productive and faster than ever. Now, we can support them through this important service provided by TraceParts, which we recognized as an important name with a huge library of documents and files available for download. We look forward to new leads, contacts and opportunities.

Now with its extrusions available for download on, their CAD data can be easily imported into designers’ projects. By partnering with TraceParts, Meccania now supports engineers worldwide and benefits from exposure within the community. 


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Helena Tomic
Helena Tomic

Marketing Specialist, TraceParts