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Gabriel Guigue

"My goal is to strengthen TraceParts leading position in the global engineering content business by developing best-in-class software technologies and business solutions." 

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Christian Baumgärtner
TraceParts GmbH总经理
"Being one of the leading international CAD portals it's our goal to strenghten the relationship between manufacturers & purchasers".
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Christophe Bonnot

"My permanent goal is to create accurate CAD models matching both the expectations of the designers and also the desires of the parts vendors."

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Olivier Chivet

"I would like to continue developing tools for automatically integrating suppliers’ data into the TraceParts catalogs, such as improving process performance."

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Bertrand Cressent

"My ambition is to open TraceParts to a number of new users, both business professionals and private individuals, in new areas of activity around the world."

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Stefan Kolb
TraceParts GmbH数字营销经理

"The goal is to make TraceParts even more visible and attractive as an online community platform for CAD and product content for CAD users."

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Olivier Lejardinier

"I would like to continue improving our technology to provide our users and key clients with the best solutions in terms of functional features, flexibility and performance."

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Nino Mazza
TraceParts srl意大利分公司总经理

"Being one of the leading international CAD portals it is our goal to strengthen the relationship between parts manufacturers and purchasers."

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Claude Perrusset

"Do whatever it takes to ensure that our corporate signature ‘Product Content Everywhere’ becomes a reality on a global level. I would like to offer our services in other countries."

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Antoine Pigeon

"Promoting the TraceParts services among manufacturers is a long and difficult path. I want to persuade manufacturers to distribute their products over traceparts.com."

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Laëtitia Rimbert

"I would like to see our technical portal become the number one networking site for manufacturers and designers worldwide."

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Alfred Schallert
TraceParts GmbH项目管理总监

"It is always my goal to have “happy customers”. Therefore I am constantly working on the way we do our project management."

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Dirk Stolz
"I’d like to help TraceParts in the next few years become even better known in the online advertising market, and raise the interest for it."
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Christoph Hupp
TraceParts GmbH客户经理
"My ambition at TraceParts is to always get the best results for our customers. Improving our online platform is another personal goal of mine."
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Sunny Zhou


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Yang Guo
中国区数字营销专员 TraceParts SAS

“我希望越来越多的工程师了解和使用TraceParts CAD内容平台,同时,更多的零件生产商把产品目录发布到平台,使其更具吸引力。” 

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