The TraceParts Team

Our team is our most treasured asset

At TraceParts we care about people; not just about advanced 3D technologies and expert software development. We care about our customers, partners and employees; because we know our value-added services and solutions rely above all on long-term human relationships.


This is why we’re introducing you the TraceParts ‘dream’ team!


Gabriel Guigue
Managing Director TraceParts SAS

"My goal is to strengthen TraceParts leading position in the global engineering content business by developing best-in-class software technologies and business solutions." 

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Christian Baumgärtner
TraceParts GmbH Managing Director

"Being one of the leading international CAD portals it's our goal to strengthen the relationship between manufacturers & purchasers".

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Christophe Bonnot
Head of Modeling Department

"My permanent goal is to create accurate CAD models matching both the expectations of the designers and also the desires of the parts vendors."

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Olivier Chivet
Project Manager in R&D team

"I would like to continue developing tools for automatically integrating suppliers’ data into the TraceParts catalogs, such as improving process performance."

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Bertrand Cressent
Product Manager for the TraceParts.com portal

"My ambition is to open TraceParts to a number of new users, both business professionals and private individuals, in new areas of activity around the world."

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Stefan Kolb
Online Marketing Manager for TraceParts GmbH

"The goal is to make TraceParts even more visible and attractive as an online community platform for CAD and product content for CAD users."

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Olivier Lejardinier
In charge of the R&D department

"I would like to continue improving our technology to provide our users and key clients with the best solutions in terms of functional features, flexibility and performance."

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Nino Mazza
Managing Director of Trace Parts srl in Italia

"Being one of the leading international CAD portals it is our goal to strengthen the relationship between parts manufacturers and purchasers."

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Claude Perrusset

"Do whatever it takes to ensure that our corporate signature ‘Product Content Everywhere’ becomes a reality on a global level. I would like to offer our services in other countries."

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Antoine Pigeon
Sales Manager

"Promoting the TraceParts services among manufacturers is a long and difficult path. I want to persuade manufacturers to distribute their products over traceparts.com."

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Laëtitia Rimbert
Business Development Manager Digital Marketing Services

"I would like to see our technical portal become the number one networking site for manufacturers and designers worldwide."

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Alfred Schallert
Head of Project Management at TraceParts GmbH

"It is always my goal to have “happy customers”. Therefore I am constantly working on the way we do our project management."

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Dirk Stolz
Senior Sales
Digital Marketing Services

"I’d like to help TraceParts in the next few years become even better known in the online advertising market and raise the interest for it."

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Christoph Hupp
Head of Sales at TraceParts GmbH

"My ambition at TraceParts is to always get the best results for our customers. Improving our online platform is another personal goal of mine."

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Bernd Jaeger
Campaign Manager Digital Marketing Services

"I want to help customers with the presentation of their products & services so they can achieve the best results for their campaigns."

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Audrey Le Comte
Team Manager Campaigns Management Service

"My goal is to keep up-to-date with new technologies so I can provide quality service and advice to our customers to make their marketing campaigns successful."

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Mickaël Picot
Team Manager

"My goal is to protect our customers' data as well as improve the consistency and performance of our databases."

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Philip Boury
Sales Account Manager Digital Marketing Services

"I want to help our customers generate more leads and increase their turnover through more targeted marketing actions.

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Pauline Charlot
Sales Account Manager Parts Catalog Services

"My goal is to increase the number of manufacturers and distributors who publish their products on TraceParts and to provide them with quality service."

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Priscillia Granval
Digital Marketing Services Marketing Manager
"My ambition is to make TraceParts THE reference for Lead generation & Digital Marketing for Marketing Professionals that target engineers & Design Professionals."
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Keith Sciarra
VP, Business Development TraceParts America

"I am completely dedicated and driven to helping our customers grow their businesses through our digital offerings and Digital Customer Experience." 

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Audrey Varin
Parts Catalog Services Marketing Manager

"My role is to create interaction between component suppliers and engineers and designers looking for technical data for their design projects." 

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Christian Hartmann-Hermann
Project Coordinator

"I want our CAD-content-platform to remain one of the leading providers of technical product information worldwide." 

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Rob Zesch
TraceParts America

"My goal is to lead the growth of TraceParts America as we deliver world class product content and digital marketing solutions for industrial manufacturers." 

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Leia Sanderson Teixeira
Global Growth Manager Digital Marketing Services

"I am 100% dedicated to helping our customers achieve their lead generation and brand awareness goals. I am truly engaged in their success and strive to always deliver excellent service." 

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Yann Martin
QA & Support Manager

"My life has been organized around support and quality. My goal is to have both at the top, both internally and for our end users." 

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Marianna Parente
Marketing & Sales Account Manager

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Tony Robbins

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Yi Lan
General manager TraceParts China Ltd

“My goal is that the engineers worldwide can find the more needed catalog data and the suppliers can get the more potential customers and market opportunities at TraceParts portal.” 

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Julien Vautier
Product Catalog Designer

“My goal is to assist customers integrate their content on our website to provide the best experience for our end users.” 

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Thomas Omont
Product Catalog Designer

“I make sure to create, manage and publish the best data and 3D content on TraceParts.com to fully satisfy our customers and end users.” 

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Fábio Del Rio
Managing Director, TraceParts Brazil

“I want to help part manufacturers find qualified leads and increase their sales. I also want to make life easier for design professionals with proven 3D CAD content.” 

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Véronique Leroy
Business Administration Manager

“Often in contact with prestigious clients, I organize and manage sales processes as an intermediary between the commercial, technical and accounting departments.” 

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Damien Le Neol
Product Catalog Designer

“My ambition at TraceParts is to perfect the relation between our customers and us to provide the best 3D content for all our users.” 

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Gian Paolo Lodi
Sales Account Manager

“I solve problems and make qualified contacts for my clients.” 

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Yoann Tiennot
Product Owner

“My goal is to provide the best possible tools to our clients and content creators for the integration of their data on our portal.” 

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Jennifer Jäger
Inside Sales
Digital Marketing Services

“My wish/goal is to use our high-quality marketing tools to give our customers - tailored to their needs, schedule and goals - even more reach and visibility for their products and services.” 

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Anne Jeannot
Sales Account Manager

“When I offer TraceParts services, my goal is for the prospects and customers to understand that I am 100% dedicated to their satisfaction.” 

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Romain Bedu
R&D Software Developer

“My goal is to keep a consistency in our data and ensure the link between our databases and our applications.” 

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Sébastien Ho
Lead Software Architect

“Every day is "Day ONE". I always question myself to improve our CAD end-user experience, deliver high quality results, make high quality decision quickly and embrace external trends quickly.” 

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Clara Wang
R&D Software Developer

“My goal is to develop attractive and reliable functionalities on our portal and applications suite in order to provide our customers with good user experience.” 

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Vincent Girardin
IT Infrastructure Manager

“My mission is to maintain the infrastructure in good working condition and to enhance it.” 

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Ana Krizanovic
Sales and Marketing Manager

“My focus is our clients - I like to see them successful in what they do, and with TraceParts, that goal is achievable.” 

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Bettina Baumgärtner
Head of Accounting & Controlling TraceParts GmbH

“My role at TraceParts is to coordinate different accounting areas as well as tracking and reporting key figures.” 

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Rose-Marie Quesnel
CRM Data Operator

“My main goal: to enrich our database.” 

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Hugo François
Product Catalog Designer

“My goal is to provide Traceparts.com users with reliable 3D content while meeting the expectations of our customers.” 

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Klaus Ketzler
Content Creation Engineer

“My focus is on customer oriented processes which are highly automated to reduce development times and costs for both sides to a minimum.” 

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Jutta Weigl
Team Assistant

“I support my team in organizational matters in general day-to-day business.” 

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Tanja Schmidt
Inside Sales

“I present various components of our component library. The step to digitization is essential for a successful company.” 

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Birgit Hupp
Inside Sales

“I want to give Part Manufacturers and Part Distributors insight into our product marketing solutions to increase the visibility of their products and gain qualified leads.” 

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Yang Guo
Digital Marketing Coordinator for China

“I want more engineers to know and use the TraceParts CAD content platform, and more part manufacturers publish their catalogs to make the platform more attractive.” 

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Sunny Zhou
China Catalog Creator Team Leader

“My goal is to do my best to create the part model with high quality, so that the suppliers can organize the best marketing and provide the best customer service.” 

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Lisa Sebbar
Customer Support
Campaigns Management Service

“My role is to respond to each client's request in a personalized way by staying at the cutting edge of technology. Their goals are mine!” 

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