TraceParts Announces its Seventh Christmas Tree Design Contest

Design in 3D a Christmas tree and win a PlayStation 4!

Christmas Tree Design ContestSt Romain, France, December 2, 2013 – TraceParts, a market-leading digital engineering 3D content company, today announced the launch of its seventh Christmas Tree Model Contest, taking place until December 18, 2013. The winner will be selected among the best Christmas tree renderings received.
Contestants must build a Christmas tree using components downloaded from the TracePartsOnline.net CAD library. The winning tree and best rendered images will be published on www.traceparts.com website. The designer´s name will neither be published on our website nor in any of our social media channels.

The prize for the best designed tree is a Sony PlayStation 4!


The Christmas trees should be designed in 3D, using any CAD or picture editing software, and using as many different components available in the TracePartsOnline.net CAD library as possible.

Contestants must send the rendered images of their trees until December 18, 2013 to info@traceparts.com. The file size of the image should not exceed 1MB if possible.


Have fun designing your Christmas tree!


Your TraceParts Team