Fischer Connectors and TraceParts support engineers and designers with their connectivity needs throughout the product lifecycle

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From brainstorming and pre-design studies through to deployment, customer needs are firmly at the top of the Fischer Connectors priority list.

Saint-Romain, France; February 10, 2021 – For nine years, connectivity expert Fischer Connectors has been placing its trust in TraceParts, a world leading supplier of digital content for industrial designers, for publishing its CAD models.

Fischer Connectors designs, manufactures and distributes connectors, cable assembly solutions and active solutions around the world. Renowned for their reliable and rugged design, its products are used in the most demanding environments and in a wide range of industries, including defense and security, energy, instrumentation, healthcare, transport, broadcasting, food and motorsport, to name but a few.

Ever since Fischer Connectors created its first circular connector in 1954, innovation has always been the company’s keyword. As part of its determination to make its innovative solutions available to integrators around the world, the connectivity expert chose TraceParts as its top-tier promotional facilitator and partner in 2012.

The reasons for its choice were simple:

We saw TraceParts as an additional springboard for bringing innovation to our customers, explains Hassan Fadli, Head of Product Design at Fischer Connectors. Our customers are designer engineers who need access to an end-to-end range of innovative and ultra-robust connectivity solutions to support the design and implementation of their application throughout the product lifecycle, from start to finish.

TraceParts also gives our company greater exposure and allows us to showcase our expertise in meeting the specific and varied needs of our customers, adds his R&D colleague Julien Dauphin, Designer & CAD Administrator. He also highlighted the superior efficiency and effectiveness: Ever since we’ve been using the TraceParts to independently update our catalog, we’ve saved time in our processes.

Check out the CAD models of Fischer Connectors’ parts on the TraceParts platform at https://www.traceparts.com.

About Fischer Connectors

For more than 65 years, Fischer Connectors has been reimagining connectivity, turning customers’ challenges into success stories with innovative technologies, quality products and collaborative customer support. Since 1954, Fischer Connectors has designed, manufactured and distributed rugged connectors and cable assemblies that help customers around the world produce reliable, high-performance electronic devices. The connectivity solutions are especially suitable for applications requiring faultless precision, durability and resistance to extreme conditions, especially in the defense and security, medical, industrial, instrumentation, audio-visual, transportation, and energy sectors. The Fischer Connectors Group’s headquarters are located in Saint-Prex, Switzerland (Canton of Vaud), along with the R&D center and manufacturing facilities. The Group operates all over the world through its subsidiaries and a wide network of distributors and agents, as well as its cable assembly sites in EMEA, the United States and Asia-Pacific.

About TraceParts

TraceParts is one of the world’s leading CAD-content platforms for Engineering, Industrial Equipment and Machine Design, totaling 5.0 million registered members from 1.3 million companies actively sourcing product information and technical data from over 195 different countries.

As part of the Trace Group founded in 1990, TraceParts brings highly targeted marketing exposure to more than 800 customers of all sizes and from all industries, via powerful cloud-based API and SaaS applications such as CAD part libraries, product catalogs and configurators.

TraceParts’ comprehensive Digital Marketing Services help part manufacturers and distributors, 3D printing & rapid-prototyping suppliers, CAD/CAM/CAE/ECAD software and computer hardware vendors promote their products and services and generate highly qualified sales leads.

Available free-of-charge to millions of Engineers & Designers worldwide, the TraceParts CAD-content platform provides access to over 1.730 supplier-certified product catalogs and billions of 2D drawings & 3D CAD models and product datasheets that perfectly match the digitalization needs of Design, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Maintenance processes & operations, in virtually any industrial sector.

TraceParts is one of the world’s leading CAD-content platforms for Engineering, Industrial Equipment and Machine Design. TraceParts brings highly targeted Lead Generation marketing services to hundreds of customers of all sizes and from all industries, via powerful cloud-based API and SaaS applications such as 3D part libraries, product catalogs and configurators.



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