Parco chooses TraceParts to publish their CAD model catalog


Since 2001, Parco Inc. has been providing product solutions for many applications in the medical, automotive and manufacturing sectors – solutions that increase productivity, product flow and employee safety. Thousands of CAD files of Parco parts are now available in the TraceParts CAD library, including preconfigured extrusions and fittings.

Parco has over 80 aluminum extrusion profiles and over 2500 t-slot components their customers can either purchase individually, as pre-machined kits, or as fully assembled, finished products.

The T-Slot Aluminum Concept: a solution with multiple benefits

“T-slot” refers to the t-slotted groove shape in aluminum extrusions. It’s this shape that makes assembling structures much faster and easier than assembling steel structures. Unlike steel, no welding or grinding is required. All that needs to be done is insert a t-nut and fastener into a t-slot and tighten.  A structure can be assembled quickly with a few simple hand tools.

The primary advantages of the t-slot solutions include:

  • Optimal productivity
  • Increased operating efficiency and safety
  • Improved workplace environments
  • All the products are 100% interchangeable with 80/20’s fractional and metric aluminum extrusion profiles.

T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions: a product suitable for many industries

Many industries have discovered the benefits of innovative t-slotted aluminum extrusion products, including industrial manufacturing, automotive, medical and commercial. What these industries specifically look for in Parco’s portfolio is strong, durable, and extremely versatile aluminum extrusions but also custom designed and aesthetically pleasing products. Examples of this are: workstations, stairs, platforms, crossovers, safety guarding, communication boards, material handling racks and carts, climate control enclosures and more.

Parco’s product catalog now on

Having CAD files for T-Slot aluminum extrusions became essential as more designers and engineers began using them for more comprehensive solutions. Why did Parco Inc. choose to publish their catalog with TraceParts?

 According to their president, Philip Roser, Parco want to reach more of their customers and designers online and satisfy their need for CAD files. And TraceParts seems to be an obvious choice to accomplish that goal.

I am broadening the download files that are available to designers for our product offering and I feel that TraceParts has more to offer than similar companies.

Philip Roser, President at Parco

TraceParts not only allows Parco Inc. to reach more of their customers and designers online and fill their request quicker, but also offer a wide range of downloadable formats. Now designers and engineers can easily access the company’s CAD files and import them into their projects.

Want to make your components visible with TraceParts? Find out more about the benefits when publishing a 3D Catalog with TraceParts.


Mia Sokic
Mia Sokic

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist, TraceParts