Timken bearing CAD models are now available on TraceParts

Timken, a global manufacturer of bearings and power transmission products, has made its CAD models available on the TraceParts CAD-content platform. By leveraging TraceParts’ expertise and extensive network, Timken gives designers and engineers access to always-up-to-date CAD models for seamless integration into their design projects

The Timken Company

Timken innovation and expertise

With more than 100 years of technical knowledge and innovation, Timken improves the reliability and efficiency of machinery and equipment for challenging applications around the world. A comprehensive range of products and services meet specific industry needs. For example, they help produce renewable energy, keep transportation moving efficiently, and enable safe and secure food production. The company’s engineering focus on optimal performance and durability make it a trusted partner for customers around the globe.  

Scaling the visibility

Recognizing the increasing demand for CAD models, Timken decided to collaborate with TraceParts, one of the world’s leading global CAD-content providers. 

This decision was driven by TraceParts’ position as a leading provider in Europe and Timken’s successful partnership with ThomasNet in the United States. For eleven years, Timken hosted its own CAD library through ThomasNet, but its presence on TraceParts broadens its reach and increases the chances of potential customers discovering its products. 

Our presence on TraceParts improves the visibility of Timken products to small and medium original equipment manufacturers in regions where Timken is less well known.”

– Mike Sopczak, Project Manager – Business Processes

CAD models now available on TraceParts 

By providing CAD models of their components, Timken extends its visibility and makes it easy for potential customers to discover their products and incorporate them into their designs. Timken can see who downloaded CAD models and follow up on new business opportunities. 

TraceParts’ comprehensive design library is integrated into popular CAD software platforms.  

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Helena Tomic
Helena Tomic

Marketing Specialist, TraceParts