CAD models for Martin Levelling Components now available on 

Martin Levelling S.p.A. has partnered with TraceParts to publish its CAD data of levelling components, making it available for download for engineers and designers around the world. 

Martin has a longstanding history of manufacturing high quality products for global markets. Over the years, the company has developed a reputation for supplying the mechanical industry with an extensive range of standard products, including levelling components, levelling feet and stainless-steel accessories. Its products are certified by leading international certification bodies, demonstrating its commitment to provide products of the highest quality. 

Martin Levelling S.p.A

Meeting the needs of many industries 

Martin specializes in feet and support systems for machine-building. Its products are used for a variety of applications, from small-scale coffee machines to the most advanced automated technologies. Sectors that rely on Martin products include the furniture, renewable energy and construction sectors, as well as the mechanical, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors. 

Despite being a comprehensive 360° company, its key businesses revolve around the food, packaging and conveyor industries. Martin’s extensive product range for these industries highlights its adaptability to meet the diverse demands of its customers. Martin exports to more than 80 countries (with Europe as a primary market), serving dealers, importers, distributors, machine builders and OEMs. 

CAD models on 

Recognizing the need to provide engineers and designers with CAD data of their products, Martin has partnered with TraceParts in order to target new projects from this cooperation. 

Our target is not maintenance, as feet do not break that often. They are sometimes replaced after 10-20 years. We therefore need to target new machines and installations. That’s why engineers and project designers are so important to us. We need to target new projects and the people behind their realization. TraceParts does this. It is well known and its service is internationally recognized. Hence it was an easy choice for us when we decided to move in this direction.

– Christian Romano, Export Manager at Martin SpA

Martin acknowledges TraceParts’ tracking capabilities and the valuable insights into downloads made by engineers and designers and looks forward to gaining this valuable business information through TraceParts. 

With its vast experience, comprehensive product range and strategic partnership with TraceParts, Martin stands at the forefront of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in the mechanical industry. 

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Helena Tomic
Helena Tomic

Marketing Specialist, TraceParts