FACOM Publishes CAD Models on TraceParts Platform

Sees Positive Results for its 2D and 3D Models of Tool and Equipment Solutions


ST. ROMAIN, FRANCE, May 30, 2018 – FACOM has committed to publish some of its product catalogs and CAD models on TraceParts and intends to make the platform a part of its marketing strategy. The company, manufacturer of tool and equipment solutions for automotive and industrial professionals, successfully started to use TraceParts in 2007 and nurtured the development of catalogs in 2017.


Having tried a variety of media over the years, FACOM was especially impressed with the positive results brought from publishing some of their product catalogs and CAD models on the TraceParts platform. But the biggest surprise came in the form of a benefit that wasn’t expected. FACOM no longer had to field the many drafter and customer requests the brand get for specs and CAD models in different formats. Instead, they simply direct them to their listing on TraceParts hence a huge time savings.




Parts vendors are able to publish their complete catalogs and CAD models including 3D content onto the TraceParts platform. There drafters and engineers can evaluate their parts and see if they meet the specifications of their design project.


“The CAD models data for our components are published on TraceParts in neutral CAD formats. Using TraceParts technology, they can then be downloaded in 60+ different formats,” said Jocelyn Vecchio, Director of Engineering Hardlines and Automotive specialties. “It’s super convenient for designers. Plus we’re able to legally reuse or repurpose the data for our distributors, customers and other publishing platforms.”


The TraceParts website has been online for more than 17 years with over 85 million CAD files delivered. In 2017 it had 4.3 million unique visitors, 10.8 million visits, and 77 million page views. It currently has 3.2 million registered users, who are mostly designers and engineers, and is continually adding to its user base.


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