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When a business can demonstrate decades of viable existence, we can easily imagine their capacity for innovation and an ongoing listening to the needs of their contemporaries.

For the BOUTET company, we must rather speak in centuries! Edouard Noël Boutet, a jeweler, was the supplier for the Royal Army Manufacturing Supply of Versailles…but it was only at the beginning of the last century that the « René Boutet and Company – Manufacturing of Plastic Materials » appeared, specialized in industrial handles.

Therefore, for more than 80 years, the company has known how to use the very new “melamine” material to their advantage, the BOUTET company is a specialist in/ specializes in securing components. Their product line has evolved with industrial needs: handles, buttons, switches, indexing pins, toggle fastener…It is based in Saint Ouen sur Seine (93).

Often copied, but never equaled

Since 1950, BOUTET was the first world manufacturer of industrial handles with famous shapes. It was also the first to propose a line of stainless steel handles, appreciated especially in the medical and food industries. The same is true for color handles, used to visually mark assigned functions (for example, red for safety) or associated with special markets (white for medical institutions…).

Securing components are really visible parts. That’s the reason why BOUTET is calling for famous designers to design its components.

Since 1950, BOUTET was the first world manufacturer of industrial handles with famous shapes

The company proudly proclaims that it has no after sales service ! Their components have long durability on the machines they equip (agricultural machines, special machines, etc.).
It has seen amazing growth with the launch in the automobile industry and the machine-tool industry in Europe and today supplies 80% of the large industrial groups in the world. Today, its catalog offers more than 8,000 items.

Conquering new markets

The low growth rate of industrial production in Europe caused BOUTET to go in search of new markets.

Jean-Michel Stetten, grandson of Rene Boutet, is today President of the company:

We took globalization as a challenge and as an opportunity. Even if we still seek privileged direct contacts, we had to find new paths, and especially went seeking clients farther away and looking at new sectors. In addition, users of our asked us regularly, but more and more often, for the electronic schematics of our components.

In 2002, the company asked TraceParts to create and place a library of its components online. The first request dealt with 2D representations, most of the parts were then designed by hand. Specific toolings are still layered onto magnificent old drawings. After a few months of reflection, Jean-Michel Stetten understood that 3D models would soon be requested and opted for a mixed 2D and 3D library.

The choice of the service provider – today we speak without hesitation of partners – was rather simple: we questioned a few companies in the industrial sector who had confided their catalog creation to TraceParts. Their enthusiasm convinced us. A choice that we refer to without hesitating today, specifies Jean-Michel Stetten, in as much as we had discovered a team with whom we had warm human contact and who clearly showed an undeniably serious attitude: respect for time schedules and technical quality. Those are exactly the values that our company puts forward. Finally, we liked the economic model and it fully responded to our quest for new markets.

Five months were enough for the TraceParts team to model and reference the entire product range.
That was precisely the planned time schedule announced…

“The success of TraceParts is also our success”

Jean-Michel Stetten is thrilled with the expansion and the growing success of TraceParts and this remark is above all representative of the relationship of confidence that has been created between the two companies. It is a twice-motivated satisfaction: “The success of TraceParts guarantees us the visibility and the accessibility of our components anywhere in the world.”

That is what the analysis of access to the online catalog confirms:

Since that time, the number of companies that download our files has grown. We register downloads in research departments distributed all over the planet and the opening of accounts that follow on the heels of this access by a few days or a few weeks show us that the TraceParts catalogs are highly utilized and our components are always highly appreciated.

observed Jean-Michel Stetten, who also notes that requests for 3D models have greatly exceeded that of 2D plans

In parallel to the action taken with TraceParts, the BOUTET company has equipped itself with 3D CIM design technology and has since begun using this mode to communicate with designers.

Although BOUTET’s « blue catalog » is still necessary and very popular, especially with purchasing departments, the production of paper catalogs in English has since stopped. The English-language pages on the website redirect users to online TraceParts catalog pages that are entirely in English.

The company BOUTET vividly remembers what motivated its choice. Therefore, it has joined a very open club of industrials who recommend TraceParts to all without hesitation!


BOUTET, first world manufacturer since 1950, innovates the largest line of securing components. From tractors to airplane control panels, their parts are on every machine; the “shapes” of BOUTET securing buttons have become major classics. In addition to always taking great care with design, BOUTET products also have a legendary quality of durability. Since the 90’s, BOUTET has reduced its line to 7 colors, thanks to the perfecting of a new mold process in smaller series. Once again, it will be the first to propose the line in stainless steel, then to produce special Thermodur parts that are resistant to 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit).

Today BOUTET supplies 80% of the large industrial groups in the world. In its daily report with industry, BOUTET always prefers direct contact and prefers to build long-term relationships with dynamic clients, choosing quality over quantity. Humility, discretion and efficiency are at the service of their customers for increased speed, efficiency and savings. Passion for work well-done is the legacy of the 50’s.

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