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Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors. The Swiss company, which has its headquarters in Givisiez, has developed a unique range of products with performance levels that far exceed those of standard sensors.

Since it was founded in 1972, Contrinex has grown from a one-man operation into a small multinational group with over 500 employees and experienced sales partners in more than 60 countries worldwide. However, it still focuses exclusively on developing, manufacturing and selling sensing equipment for industrial applications.

Contrinex specializes in the following areas in particular:

  •  miniature devices
  •  long operating distances
  •  resistance to extreme environmental conditions
  •  devices in all-metal housings

Contrinex produces a wide range of sensing equipment of all types, from conventional standard sensors to high-performance devices. It is the development of these high-performance sensors that is one of the company’s main strengths. This makes Contrinex a sensor manufacturer unlike any other.

However much they may sometimes resemble them, sensors are not screws. They are complex electromechanical systems. Although sensors are generally straightforward to use, for more difficult applications close contact between the user and the manufacturer is recommended.

The overall objective of Contrinex is to consolidate and extend its technological lead in the areas that make up its core business. This competitive advantage, which is always measured in terms of the benefits it brings for customers, will guarantee the company’s continuing success.

Long-term partnership with TraceParts

As early as 2000, Contrinex began to make 3D models of its products available to its customers. The company chose TraceParts as its partner because TraceParts is well-known and offers a variety of technical options.

Since then the Contrinex data has been constantly updated on the different TraceParts publishing solutions.

“My TraceParts”: Reinforcing the partnership with seamless integration of the 3D product data into the new Contrinex web site.

In 2009 the relaunch of the Contrinex web site was completed. A new feature for users was the seamless incorporation of the 3D data created by TraceParts into the new Contrinex web site.

This gives users two methods of accessing the 3D data quickly and easily. On the one hand, they can browse through the entire 3D catalog from the Contrinex web site and select a product.

Alternatively, they can choose the appropriate product from the Contrinex product finder and download the accompanying natif or neutral CAD file together with the product information and technical documentation.

Users don’t have to select a product that they had already chosen in the Contrinex product finder for a second time in the 3D catalog. Contrinex is making the system as user-friendly as possible for its customers while still offering the direct route to the 3D catalog,

explains Christian Baumgärtner, Managing Director of TraceParts.

TraceParts used a parametric process to produce the sensor models independently of any CAD application. This enables the product models to be made available in native and neutral CAD formats on-the-fly to meet the needs of every user.

Contrinex has an excellent solution for the seamless integration of the systems, with the result that users are not aware that they are leaving the Contrinex web site, despite the fact that TraceParts is generating the product models in the background.

The similarities within a family of products have been exploited much more efficiently by using the parametric data creation process than would have been the case if one model had been produced for every size.

CAD users are guided through the process of selecting the component on the basis of the specified criteria. This ensures that the selection process always comes up with a part that actually exists. For the customers of Contrinex, this means a significant increase in the efficiency of their design and order processes.

The CAD data can be sent by e-mail, downloaded or transferred directly to the user’s CAD software using CadClick (click2CAD) technology from the Contrinex web site, providing that the user’s CAD system is installed on the PC being used to access the internet. As a result, the 3D model is available from the CAD system at the click of a mouse.

says Christian Baumgärtner, Managing Director of TraceParts

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