Display Your Text Ads to the Right Audience on the TraceParts Newsletters

Reach out to a specific community of designers and engineers with TraceParts newsletters

Put your brand on the map and spread the word about your products to an active community of engineers and designers around the world using one of the advertising spaces in the different newsletters published by TraceParts.

Your advertisements will be seamlessly incorporated into the news section.
Featuring an image, title and brief description, they are less intrusive for our readers, meaning that your message will be more effective and better received.
TraceParts newsletters are sent out by email to our database of CAD users.

You can find all past Newsletters sent by TraceParts here


  • Title : 30 characters max
  • Subtitle : 40 characters max
  • Description : 250 characters max
  • CTA : 30 characters max
  • Thumbnail image : 110x 110px
  • Format image : PNG, JPEG or GIF

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