Part manufacturers: are you looking to generate leads and put your products in the spotlight?

What TraceParts can do for you

What TraceParts can do for you

The TraceParts CAD-content is used by over 4.8 million engineers and designers who download hundreds of thousands of parts’ CAD files every day for their design projects.

They see the TraceParts CAD-content platform as a real work tool that saves them time and improves productivity in their design projects.

According to the results from the survey carried out in 2020 on the marketing expectations of engineers and designers, 62% of respondents have already purchased a product or service after receiving a marketing email.

If you would like to generate new business opportunities, reach out to this responsive community.

Emile Maurin, Fischer Connectors, Item, Lemo, Rollon, Schmersal, Schneider Electric, and many more generate qualified leads for their sales teams by promoting their products with TraceParts’ Digital Marketing solutions.

These marketing professionals use:

Generating leads, increasing your brand’s visibility, promoting your customers’ products… whatever your objectives, TraceParts also offers Digital Marketing packs tailored to your budget.

Christian Thiel, Team leader for Product Marketing item Industrietechnik GmbH
Christian Thiel, Team leader for Product Marketing item Industrietechnik GmbH

“We consider TraceParts to be an excellent multiplicator with a good international profile”.

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Contact us! A Digital Marketing expert will guide you through the best-fit strategy according to your objectives and budget.

Take a look at the TraceParts blog. We regularly publish articles about the problems and challenges facing marketing professionals.

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