The famous industrial components manufacturer leverages TraceParts’ expertise and high-quality contacts

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norelem has been manufacturing and supplying parts and components for the mechanical engineering industry for over 65 years. Eager to expand its product range, norelem currently supplies more than 100,000 high-quality standard components for machinery and automation. With new products launched every month and guaranteed fast, reliable delivery times, norelem takes the mechanical engineering industry’s need for speed into account. 

TraceParts: from the 3D library … to promoting new products 

As early as the 90s, TraceParts was chosen as their partner for creating and publishing 3D catalogues of norelem components online. Today, models of norelem components can be accessed from the website and from the portal, in all the major CAD formats on the market. 

Being able to highlight new products is a very important communication and sales tool for manufacturers. Louise Van Rechem is in charge of communications at norelem: 

“Downloads from CAD catalogues have grown steadily and now account for a significant proportion of our sales. TraceParts’ marketing and SEO work, its network of partners and the traffic on its site have greatly improved the visibility of our products on the Internet. With new products released every month, one of our biggest challenges is to make sure people know about them.”

To promote its new products, norelem uses traditional communication methods: participation in trade fairs, print media, banners on portals dedicated to design offices and engineering, SEO, as well as its blog and its social networks. 

Since March 2013, the company has been using TraceParts’ e-marketing services, in particular banners on the website and email campaigns aimed at the download portal’s user database. norelem’s aim is to highlight its new products 

Louise Van Rechem is delighted with the experience: 

“We found that the feedback was very significant and that CAD users were particularly receptive to our campaigns. The combination of these two vectors – banners and an e-mail campaign – has of course resulted in new leads, but it has also reactivated customers who had been less active for some time.”

TraceParts’ e-marketing services help put companies clearly on the radar (manufacturers, vendors, etc.) by sending their message to a community of over 700,000 qualified CAD users (85,000 in France), including buying managers, methods and maintenance departments, engineers, technicians and engineering firms, industrial manufacturers and executive officers. TraceParts also publishes banners on its portal and in its newsletter.

Louise Van Rechem concludes: 

“We have entered into a long-term partnership with TraceParts for CAD libraries as well as for e-marketing. This successful experience in the e-marketing field has led to a mutually rewarding relationship, one that is also built on trust and longevity. We can’t wait to see what new communication solutions are available in the future.”

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