Configure the send type

First of all, you must click here:

The “Incremental” checkbox (1) is used to choose whether you wish to receive the aggregated statistics since the beginning of the month or only for the required period.

By default, the sent file is zipped. To have it unzipped, uncheck (2).

There are three send types: Single, Multiple or FTP.

Single sending: send the full report for the required period to the user. Other people can also be copied in on the report by means of the “Copy to” field:

Multiple sending: send the report to several recipients (1). The reports sent can be filtered by language, country, and so on (2). Users must then click on the “+” button:


FTP sending: send the report to an FTP server. Simply enter the URL of the FTP server and the login details (username and password).



Users must choose at what time they want to receive the report (1) and the frequency (2). They must then click on the “OK” button to save the configuration (3).