Assign access rights to a user

You can assign TraceParts Analytics access rights to a user. This feature is only available for administrators.

Simply enter the user’s email address, choose their role (administrator or user) and click on the following button:

A “User” role cannot add new users to your TraceParts Analytics dashboard, while an “Administrator” role allows him/her to later add new users or new administrators by him/herself.

Important: if users do not have an account on TraceParts.com, their account will be created automatically. They will then receive an email message containing a temporary password. When attempting to log in for the first time, they will need to choose a personal password in order to sign in.

Enter the email address at 1, the temporary password at 2 and the new password at 3, and then click on the following button:

If the user already has an account on TraceParts.com a notification will also be sent to inform him/her about his/her new rights.