Product Data Creation

Table of content

  • 3D modeling
  • Catalog Creation


    3D modeling

    If part vendors need TraceParts to model their parts in 3D in order to build their product catalog, then following information must be provided: 


    • The list of part numbers, e.g. in a spreadsheet 
    • Product attributes or properties which need to be added to each part number (listed in the same spreadsheet, or links to datasheets with attributes) 
    • Dimensional drawings or links to datasheets with dimensional drawings or 2D models to be used to get the exact dimensions for 3D modeling. 


    Side note: In some cases part manufacturers have 3D STEP files used for Manufacturing. But such files may be too detailed, too heavy or even contain some sensitive intellectual property (IP).


    In such cases the 3D STEP files will need to be simplified.


    Catalog Creation

    1 – Contact information

    Please supply us your contact information, for the different countries you want, as well as:

    • The description of your activity (in the different languages your need)
    • Your company logo – white background (if available) and with a minimum height of 40 pixels.
    • The url of your website
    • An email address


    TraceParts team can supply to you an xls template to enter these information. 



    2 – Classification

    Classification of your product catalog can be created, following exactly your own catalog structure. 


    TraceParts team can help you to build this classification


    The classification can also be defined with pictures illustrating the different product categories.


    3 – Product family

    Each product family must be defined by a title, to be supplied in all languages in which you want your catalogue to be created.  TraceParts needs to know in which classification category each product must be listed.


    A photo or a picture must be supplied for each product family. 


    If not, a picture will be automatically generated from the 3D STEP model of the first part number of the Product family. 


    A selection table must be supplied for each Product family, containing all attributes (characteristics) of each part number, as well as the name of the 3D STEP model corresponding to the part number. 


    The “text” attributes (dependent on the language) must be supplied in all languages in which you want your catalogue to be created. 


    A 3D STEP model must be supplied for each part number.


    If the same geometry is common to several part numbers, the same 3D STEP model can be supplied for all the compatible part numbers. 


    The 3D STEP models must be less than 10 Mo and exclude surfacic entities.


    One or several pictures for dimensional drawings can be supplied, as a help for the selection, showing the dimensional attributes displayed in the selection table. 


    Any link to PDF Data sheet, to product web page, to a “Buy now” button, to video, to a stock status… can also be supplied.