Hutchinson Le Joint Français uploads the CAD catalog for its sealing solutions to the TraceParts.com platform

17-03-2021 Audrey Varin

Saint-Romain, France; March 17, 2021 – Hutchinson Le Joint Français has chosen TraceParts to give its customers and prospects access to the CAD models for its products.

Hutchinson Le Joint Français specializes in manufacturing O-rings, X-rings, bonded seals, and more besides. Its skills span the entire chain, from product design and fabrication through to development and production. Its technical expertise in industrial markets and its zero-defect quality policy guarantee customers reliable seals boasting superior safety.

Ever since it was created over 70 years ago, Hutchinson Le Joint Français has consistently placed its customers’ needs at the top of its priority list. In a bid to meet the sealing needs of manufacturers, industrial firms, OEMs and industrial maintenance companies, Hutchinson Le Joint Français decided to offer access to the CAD models for its range of products.

The teams at Hutchinson Le Joint Français can now keep a close eye on the CAD files downloaded and the popularity of its catalog with the information-packed reports from TraceParts Analytics®. Whenever engineers, designers, buyers or technicians download a CAD model, Hutchinson has all the necessary information (name, email address, company, business line, country, etc.) for contacting them and thereby improving its leads conversion strategy.

Our choice focused on the TraceParts solution due to its strong reputation in industry. In addition to raising our brand’s profile and attracting new leads, TraceParts allows us to provide industry professionals with a service for better incorporating our solutions into their environment. Once prospects have shown an interest in our product range, we can contact them, provide them with advice and guide them towards a future purchase,

explains Coralie Weislinger, Communication Director at Hutchinson.

We’re really happy to welcome Hutchinson Le Joint Français into our 3D content library and promote their products among the millions of engineers and designers registered on our platform,

says a delighted Anne Jeannot, Sales Account Manager at TraceParts.



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About Hutchinson Le Joint Français

Hutchinson Le Joint Français, a leading manufacturer of precision sealing systems, provides standard and bespoke solutions, including O-rings, X-rings, bonded seals and special-shaped seals. Products are manufactured in its factories to guarantee the origin and quality of its solutions.

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