Идеи и практические советы для профессиональных маркетологов, которые ориентируются на инженеров, разработчиков и промышленных агентов влияния


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2563 разработчика и инженера ответили на опрос TraceParts, нацеленный на понимание их ожиданий в отношении поставщиков промышленных компонентов

Также этот опрос определяет уровень удовлетворенности инженеров и разработчиков в отношении платформы TraceParts. Сен-Ромен, 26 января 2021 г. – TraceParts как один из мировых лидеров...

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How New Standards Are Created

The industrial market is constantly evolving.  New designs and new concepts are always being introduced in order to fill a need (or a perceived need). ...

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Email Marketing Benchmarks in industry

Have you ever wondered how the open and click rates of your email campaigns compare to those of your competitors? Do your campaigns generate enough...

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The power of the Digital Twin in the Smart Factory

The internet has revolutionized almost all aspects of daily life over the last quarter of a century.  Originally intended as a tool for scientists to...

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How TraceParts is helping Stratasys put its 3D printing solutions on the map

When it comes to generating new business opportunities, companies cannot escape the fact that they need to promote their products and services. This is especially...

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How to turn handshakes into lasting business contacts [TRADE SHOW CASE STUDY]

Background: the problem with marketing at trade shows and B2B events.  Let's be honest.  You know very well what it feels like after getting back...

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[Interview] Marzorati chooses TraceParts 3D cataloging system to generate qualified contacts

One of the interesting aspects of the job that I do is to understand the reasons for business decisions. You can delve behind the scenes...

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Как создать эффективный онлайн-каталог промышленной продукции?

Запуск нового каталога продуктов - настоящий вызов для менеджеров по продуктам. От разработки и продвижения каталога до размещения его в Интернете - каждый шаг напрямую...

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When people talk about innovation, they often do so in a very abstract and non-specific way.  However, it is even rarer to find tangible examples...

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Meeting future market demand for safe, efficient, and reliable vehicles begins with harnessing new technologies that rely on cleaner forms of energy. Long-haul trucks carry...

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Preferences and purchasing habits in the industry in figures

Figures for carrying out effective communication campaigns The purchase process has changed. What is known as the "buyer's journey" bears no resemblance whatsoever to the...

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How do you improve the customer journey in industry?

Did you know that 80% of the customer's journey to purchase takes place on the Internet? Nowadays, buyers go through the path to purchase on...

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How TraceParts helped Item generate more leads

When looking to generate qualified leads for the sales force, it is important to build a sound strategy and leverage a number of drivers to...