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3D-печать, прототипирование, 3D-сканирование

What challenges will 3D printing professionals be facing in 2020?

2020 will be the year of 3D printing. All studies concur when they say that growth in the additive manufacturing sector will hit the fast...

3D-печать, прототипирование, 3D-сканирование

3D printing: 5 advantages to promote among your customers and prospects

As with any sector, when you want to close a sale and convert your prospects, you need to know how to capture their interest and...

3D-печать, прототипирование, 3D-сканирование

3D printing industry: a market featuring explosive growth but still in its teething stages

3D printing emerged back in the 1980s, but its development has only recently entered the fast lane. However, the level of uptake and maturity in...

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3D printing, prototyping, 3D scanning: how do you spread the word about your innovative offer?

In the fast-growing sector of 3D printing, prototyping and 3D scanning, new firms are flocking and competition in the market is rocketing. In addition, not...