LIPRO’s Transport Systems CAD models Available on TraceParts CAD-Content Platform

08-11-2021 Helena Tomic

St Romain, France, November 8, 2021 – LIPRO, manufacturer of transport systems and flexible constructions in automation, has partnered with TraceParts to publish their 3D product catalog.

LIPRO’s system is characterized by flexibility and a variety of modules such as elevators, transverse modules, positioning and stop positions. Their extensive product range enables them to offer their partners a complete transport system solution. LIPRO’s team of 50 diligent employees provides tailor-made production automation solutions on the Slovenian and European markets.

Their focus products are belt, chain and roller transport systems and conveyor systems. Those are mainly targeted to the companies working in automation, robotization, automotive industry etc. LIPRO highlights the importance of their products to productions, hence they create a transport system for transporting goods between workstations.

To provide the best technical support for their customers, LIPRO decided to publish their 3D CAD catalog on TraceParts.com.

We also use TraceParts to find the necessary products, we like it because it’s very simple to use. But the main trigger for us to decide to set up a CAD delivery solution on our website was a tendency for better management of technical requests,

stated Jan Strle, Salesman from LIPRO.

Engineers all over the world are now able to preview products from LIPRO and download 3D CAD files of their conveyors in 70+ formats, enabling them to streamline and validate their planning of production processes and transportation.

We immediately knew there was a great opportunity to improve Lipro’s digital customer experience and their technical requests. It is a delight working with Lipro team and to be part of their success,

said Karmen Busic, Sales Account Manager at TraceParts.


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LIPRO was founded back in 1998, when Albert and Barbara Pribac started working in their family’s workshop in Koper, Slovenia. Due to the rapid expansion, they soon moved the venture to another location, with new and modern production hall.

The company developed and manufactured the first chain conveyor system PSC-90. This was followed by their first edition of the “Modular System” catalogue. Many new products were developed later on, and awarded at industry fairs in Slovenia.

The company keeps investing the resources in new locations and storage facilities, to provide faster and higher quality services to existing and new customers, and better working environment to their employees.

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