4 common mistakes that prevent component manufacturers from generating leads

Buyers are increasingly connected. As a component manufacturer, your website needs to be a major source of sales leads. Is this not the case with your website? Below, we look at 4 common mistakes that prevent component manufacturers from generating leads.


1. Your website is not optimized to convert visitors into leads

In order to convert your visitors into leads, your website must be optimized to encourage them to leave their contact information.

Various methods can be used to generate leads through your website, such as getting visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, or fill in a form to download a document or a contact form, or a quote request.

Unfortunately, your site is perhaps not ready for all this.

Your website probably has too few contact points and they are not visible enough.

We often meet component manufacturers who only have a contact form or a quote request form on their website. This is clearly not enough.

Not all your visitors need to buy components now or in the short term. However, this does not mean that you should let them leave your site without retrieving their contact details. Otherwise, when they do need components, you will not be able to make a proposal

Buyers who do not have any immediate needs will never fill out a quote request. So, you must use your imagination to encourage them to leave their contact information.


2. Your website is not responsive

Since 2014, there has been more internet traffic on mobiles than on desktop computers.

As a component manufacturer, your target audience probably work mainly on computer workstations, but mobile devices are becoming more and more popular and will continue to have growing importance on the market.

If your site cannot be consulted on a mobile phone, you are missing out on a significant source of leads.

Another important figure: 40% of Internet users do not return to a site if they did not have a good experience on the first visit.

So, you know what you have to do!

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3. Your website is not well referenced

Before being able to generate leads, you must optimize your presence on search engines.

Website SEO involves several criteria. Creating quality content and the structure of your website are among the most important.

The choice of keywords is of paramount importance: your customers make searches using specific keywords for which you must be well referenced if you want to generate qualified leads.


4. Your target audience does not know your products

Your component catalog undoubtedly full of best-selling products.

The studies you conducted before launching your new components indicate that your products meet the market’s expectations. However, your order book is still not full and you have few new prospects.

To generate leads, it is essential you put in place a targeted communication campaign. Simply because your components are online does not mean they are visible.

Even if you are well known in the market and well referenced on search engines, you need to use all the Digital Marketing tools at your disposal to generate leads.


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Yang Guo

Digital Marketing Coordinator, TraceParts