Component manufacturers: 3 reasons why your online advertising campaigns fail

When you are a component manufacturer, using the internet to develop sales is a good idea. However, while taking short-cuts in order to get maximum return on investment can pay off, it can also be risky. This is notably the case if online advertising campaigns are poorly prepared. Below are three reasons that explain why your online advertising campaigns fail.


1. Your targets are not properly defined

It is wrong to consider targeting as not being very important.

If you are one of those component manufacturers that think “the more people see your products, the greater your chances of gaining customers”, then you are heading down the wrong track.

Good targeting is an essential criterion for the success of your online advertising campaigns.

Before launching an online advertising campaign, you need to understand the characteristics of your ideal customer. Below is a non-exhaustive list of criteria:

  • Their age bracket
  • Gender
  • Their location
  • Their purchasing behavior
  • Their areas of interest

If your targeting is not good, your advertising campaign will cost you more and earn you less. Basically, you’re throwing your money down the drain.

Not great when you already have to deal with budget restrictions, eh?


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2. Your messages are too sales-oriented

Your campaigns only last a limited amount of time and you will only have one chance to make a good first impression.

In other words, your messages must fit with your target’s expectations or they will not be read, whether you pay for the campaign or not.

Let’s assume that the targeting for your online advertising campaign is good and well configured.

Everything is in place for your online advertising campaign to reach the right people at the right time. The problem is your message is too “sales” oriented and your target is not yet ready to buy.

Always bear in mind that your online advertising campaigns will appeal to a fairly broad audience that does not necessarily know your company or your products.

By sending a message that is too commercially aggressive, you may miss out on a number of qualified potential visitors.


3. You do not carry out A/B Testing

As a component manufacturer, you know all about paying attention to detail. One little detail can sometimes change everything on the Internet: the shape or color of a button, the picture, a message that is too long (or even too short), etc.

A/B Testing involves systematically having 2 versions of your online advertisement to determine which works best.

If you do not do A/B Testing and you do not regularly analyze the performance of your online advertising campaigns, you will be faced with 2 possible situations:

  • Your advertising campaign works but you don’t know why, so you can’t replicate the right recipe.
  • Your advertising campaign does not work, but you do not know exactly what is wrong.

Testing is essential to optimize the return on investment of your advertising campaigns.


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Yang Guo

Digital Marketing Coordinator, TraceParts