Three ways in which TraceParts helps manufacturers generate high-quality leads

TraceParts offers its customers- component manufacturers, 3D printing manufacturers, software publishers and hardware suppliers- digital marketing services to help them promote their products and services in order to generate high-quality leads.

To help our customers generate high-quality leads, we provide three types of services.

The following are three ways in which TraceParts can help its component manufacturer customers generate high-quality leads.


1. Carrying out email marketing campaigns

Since it’s creation in the early 2000s, TraceParts now boasts over 1.5 million opt-in users on their database.

You can select your targets from our database of opt-in qualified users by country, job title, company size, and many other segmentation criteria.

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Do you feel ready to carry out your own selection for an email campaign?

Send us your list of criteria and let us manage your digital marketing:

Simply select your targets and make an appointment to establish a quote for an email campaign.

How to select your exact targets for your email campaign?

Nothing is simpler: make your selection from among the 1.5 million opt-in contacts registered on the TraceParts CAD platform and our team will then get back in touch with you within 48 hours.


2. Publishing the client’s message in the TraceParts monthly newsletter

You can use our monthly newsletter to present your brand and products to the 540,000 global CAD users who are subscribed to our newsletter.

Two types of advertising spaces are available in the newsletter: texts and banners.


Advertising texts

These are integrated in the news section and have the advantage of being less intrusive for our readers; your message will be most effective and well perceived.


Advertising banners

The advertising banner space is located at the top of the newsletter, which ensures your message is highly visible.

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3. Displaying client’s banner ads on the TraceParts CAD-content platform

Finally, you can display your advertising banners to a global professional audience in the design, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

These professionals work in some 49 different sectors of activity.

Visitors to our platform include professionals in the fields of mechanics, tooling, the automotive industry, the electrical industry, building, aeronautics and many other such fields.

Many criteria are at your disposal to help you make the right selection and the right choices, concerning the display frequency, targeting by product category or geographic area.

Also take advantage of our “Premium” banner space on the home page of the TraceParts CAD-content platform.

This exclusive space and its strategic location under the search bar gives you the opportunity to promote your products on one of the most-viewed pages on the TraceParts website .

Our home page is the most common access point used by engineers and designers on our CAD-content platform.

It is possible to book 3 banners per language on a monthly basis.


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Yang Guo

Digital Marketing Coordinator, TraceParts