When it comes to generating new business opportunities, companies cannot escape the fact that they need to promote their products and services.

This is especially true in the immature 3D printing market. It is essential to inform, educate and make prospects aware of the advantages in adopting this innovative technology.

With this fact in mind, TraceParts has been helping additive manufacturing professionals lead their digital marketing strategy for over ten years. Our experts enable our customers to promote their products and services while generating qualified leads.

Stratasys is one of the leaders in the 3D printing market Over 20 years ago, its founder Scott Crump developed the FDM technology (fused deposition modeling), one of the most widely used additive manufacturing technologies today.

The company’s products are used in countless industries, including aerospace, defense, industrial equipment, automotive, medical, architecture and education.

Reaching out to designers

Stratasys has been using TraceParts’ Digital Marketing services since 2010 to reach engineers and designers around the world. TraceParts operates the traceparts.com CAD-Content platform that is used by millions of industrial engineers and designers.

Eric Bredin - Stratasys

Eric Bredin, VP Marketing EMEA, explains the reasons behind his choice:

“In the manufacturing industry, there is the potential for purchasing a 3D printer when a physical prototype may be required to validate the design. That means that we need to find, inform and convince designers and their department. Furthermore, CAD underlies rapid prototyping processes, since 3D printing requires a virtual model. Reaching out to TraceParts users seemed to be a good idea and experience has shown that we were right.”

A highly effective marketing tool

Stratasys decided to enlist the services of a provider specializing in digital marketing to achieve several objectives: spread the word about its product range, company and distribution network, and raise awareness of the new materials. The company was looking to generate new business opportunities, while increasing brand awareness and boosting traffic to its websites.

Stratasys was quick to realize that communication was the key to raising its profile and educating its prospects. That is why the company regularly uses the email campaigns from TraceParts targeting its database of users in France, Germany, the UK, Spain and also the US.

“We are delighted with the feedback,” adds Eric Bredin. “Our campaigns are fully achieving their objectives of informing potential users and promoting our products, with a fast and direct approach to our target group. This method of communication gives an almost instant way of measuring results. In addition to the relevance of the target group, we have seen that the information used to filter the emails sent is constantly updated. It would be much harder and more expensive to address the different sectors of industry with a vertical marketing campaign.”

Just like Stratasys, several 3D printing, prototyping and 3D scanner professionals place their trust in TraceParts. They promote their range of products and services through email campaigns, banner ads and inserts in TraceParts’ newsletters.

TraceParts’ digital marketing services offer a wide array of strategies that you can implement to generate even more sales leads.

Our team of experts is ready and waiting to define your strategy and help you implement the initiatives that will meet your objectives.

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