How can TraceParts help you reach out to your customers around the world?

Are you looking to reach out to more customers? Fancy extending your audience to countries that are still outside your company’s radar?

You probably think that I am going to use this article to talk about such solutions as email campaigns, banners and theme-based newsletters. Well, they can certainly help broaden your target market, but that is not what I want to talk about today.

Have you ever heard of “online CAD parts libraries”?

If so, you have undoubtedly never thought about them as a marketing tool in their own right.

And yet if you upload your product catalog to the TraceParts online library, you will be exposing your products to a wide audience.


Why do design professionals head to

You should know that the vast majority of people visiting the website are design professionals.

They visit the TraceParts platform, because they are looking for CAD models of standard industrial parts.

They can download models from our website for free, provided that they have completed the website’s registration form.

In a way, TraceParts acts as an intermediary between design professionals and industrial parts suppliers.

We supply design professionals with an astronomical amount of technical content relating to industrial products with the firm intention of saving them time with their design projects.

Designers and engineers do not create any added value in having to redesign commercial off-the-shelf parts (waste of time, risk of errors, etc.).

But they need to include those parts in their product BOM, because these are the parts that will be required to manufacture the product that they are working on at any given time.


The reasons for publishing your products on the TraceParts platform

When you publish your products on the TraceParts CAD content platform, they will be exposed to 3.9 million users around the world.

In addition, our website is translated into over 25 languages! Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be targeting and reaching out to other potential markets.

Our platform currently has over 800 parts suppliers. They have placed their trust in us for publishing and promoting their products in 3D.

Ever since its launch in 2001, the number of industrial parts catalogs uploaded to the platform has never stopped growing.


The more CAD models published on the platform, the greater the number of registered users. It is a virtuous circle.

If 3.9 million visitors are not enough, when you publish your products on TraceParts, you will also be uploading them to our network of partner sites called the “TraceParts Publishing Network“.

This network of partner sites has been forged with the media, CAD and PLM vendors, and web portals specializing in CAD and engineering.

Consequently, when one of our customers uses our web solutions to publish products on the TraceParts CAD content platform and the network of partner sites and applications, the increase in product visibility is exponential.

Your catalog will be exposed to 29 million engineers and designers around the world.

This marketing tool achieves the goal of boosting your brand image, since your company will enjoy a higher profile on the web, especially with our SEO strategy. It will also enable you to generate new leads.


Generate new leads by publishing your products on!


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