4 steps to getting customers through email campaigns when you are a component manufacturer

Despite its critics, emailing remains the most effective marketing tool for gaining new customers. In terms of ROI, engagement, and turnover generated, email campaigns are at the top of the rankings. However, you need to exploit them correctly.


1. Adapt your message to your email-contact database

To carry out a good email campaign and gain customers, you must first decide who you will target.

Component manufacturers have one or more catalogs containing thousands of parts, aimed at thousands of potential customers.

Obviously, you cannot communicate to all of your customers at once. For example, all your contacts are not going to be looking to purchase something when you send your email campaign.
You need to create a succinct message to a focused audience.

Targeting your contacts on your database is therefore a major factor to attain customers.

Respect the different stages in your prospects’ purchasing process in order to send them the right message at the right time.

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2. Carefully draft the subject of your email

When your email arrives in your contacts’ mail boxes, it must have a subject line that makes an impact.

The subject of your email is the first thing that your contacts see, after the sender’s name. Decision-makers in industry have no time to waste and the subject will convince them (or not) to open your email.

To optimize your opening rate, the subject of your email should ideally not exceed 50 to 60 characters. So, you must get to the point and focus on the important terms.

Use action verbs to encourage your contacts to open your email and to interact with you.

To gain customers through email campaigns, there are also terms to avoid in the subject of your emails.

As a component manufacturer, you may want to propose promotions and special offers. However, avoid using terms like “Promotion”, “Exclusive Offer” and other flashy expressions that can target your email as spam.

Finally, try to customize the subject of your emails as much as possible. Here, you can use the first names or last names of your contacts, the type of industry that they are in, or even the name of the company they work at to optimize your opening rate.


3. Be sure to fill in the pre-header of your emails

Do you want your emails to be perceived as conventional emails rather than as an email marketing campaign?

The pre-header is the first line of your email, which is displayed as a preview in the inbox. So, make sure to take the time to draft your pre-header correctly.

Most component manufacturers do not do this, and so when users open the message all they see is the infamous tagline “If you cannot read this e-mail correctly…” in the inbox preview. If this is the case, your message will end up in the trash.

To attain customers the email first has to get opened.


4. Encourage your contacts to take action

Your emails are opened, read (even several times) and you think they are even transferred internally.

That’s great, but what do you get from it?

As a component manufacturer, to attract new customers with your emails, you must insert a Call-To-Action, or call-to-action button.

These buttons are made to create a link between your email and your website.

Do you want to present your new catalog of components? Insert a call-to-action button to take your contacts to your new product pages.

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Yang Guo

Digital Marketing Coordinator, TraceParts